The 9th Annual So What?! Music Festival Announced


If you’re asking yourself, ‘wait – I thought it was called South By So What?!,’ you are correct. The music festival is back for it’s ninth year under the new name So What?! and will be taking place on March 19th and 20th at Quiktrip Park in Grand Prairie, TX. The lineup so far is pretty damn incredible, including acts Underoath, New Found Glory, Bayside, Blessthefall, State Champs, Saosin, and more!

Tickets are $50 for both Saturday and Sunday, but fans can also purchase a 2-day weekend pass for only $75! In addition, there will be three different VIP packages:
VIP Star Package is $150 and includes: 2-day VIP ticket, limited edition festival poster, t-shirt, 3D Laminate, Souvenir 3D ticket, early entry, full access to the pre/after party, and meet and greet!
VIP Rockstar Package is $250 and includes: 2-day VIP ticket, main stage VIP viewing area with private bathrooms, limited edition festival poster, t-shirt, 3D Laminate, Souvenir 3D ticket, early entry, vip area access, full access to the pre/after party, and So What?! Festival water bottle
VIP Superstar Package is $350 and includes: 2-day VIP ticket, main stage VIP viewing area with private bathrooms, limited edition festival poster, t-shirt, 3D Laminate, Souvenir 3D ticket, early entry, vip area access, full access to the pre/after party, So What?! Festival water bottle, parking in front lot just steps from entry gate and exclusive parking pass air freshener!

Below you can find the full list of artists that have been announced so far and which date they will be performing at!

Saturday, March 19th:
New Found Glory, Bayside, Neck Deep, State Champs, Real
Friends, Blessthefall, Escape The Fate, Knuckle Puck, Citizen, This Wild Life,
Emery, Turnover, New Years Day, Have Mercy, Hundredth, 7 Minutes In Heaven, A
Will Away, Bad Luck, Bonfires, Capture The Crown, Currents, Ghost Key, Hotel
Books, Like Pacific, Major League, Mariner, Milk Teeth, Movements, My Only Safe
Haven, Myka Relocate, Outline In Color, Radio City, Seasons Change, Seaway,
SECRETS, Silent Planet, Sorority Noise, Too Close To Touch

Sunday, March 20th:
Underoath, The Devil Wears Prada, Saosin
w/Anthony Green, Beartooth, The Word Alive, Born of Osiris, Zao, The
Contortionist, I See Stars, Stray From The Path, He Is Legend, Emarosa, Being
As An Ocean, ’68, Artifex Pereo, Assuming We Survive, Covet with Yvette Young,
Cruel Hand, Currents, Hazing, Kingdom of Giants, Little Envy, Monuments, Rarity
Stolas, The CMDWN, The Ongoing Concept, The Plot In You, Tides of Man

Second Annual Four Chord Music Festival Announced


The Second Annual Four Chord Music Festival has been announced for next month and we’ve got to say…the line up is pretty incredible. With tickets only starting at $34, the multi-stage festival will take place on December 13th at Xtaza Nightclub in Pittsburgh, PA and will include a lineup of 15 artists including Yellowcard, Hit The Lights, and Anti-Flag! Sponsored by Substream, all VIP packages to the festival will include a complimentary one-year subscription. 

Check out the full line up below! To pick up tickets, click here.

Four Chord Music Festival Lineup:
Hit The Lights
Masked Intruder
The Spacepimps
Aaron West And The Roaring Twenties
Patent Pending
Survay Says!
Head Injuries
Drop The Act
Check Engine Light
Look Out Loretta

LOL Gallery:

Who: Citizen, Twin Forks, Local Natives, Bad Veins, and Envoi
What: Fashion Meets Music Festival, Part 1
When & Where: 8/29/14 – 8/31/14, Columbus Convention Center; Columbus, OH
ByCaitlyn Willard

For full gallery, click here!

Show Review:: The Greatest Generation Tour | Clifton Park, NY | 3.5.14

Sometimes, a tour can need a few shows before it really picks up steam. Other times, it can hit the ground running and not look back.

If it hadn’t been mentioned a handful of times throughout the night, nobody in the crowd would have guessed that tonight was the first performance on the Greatest Generation Tour. And the night needed no assistance in regards to steam, turning a below-freezing night outside into a sweat-soaked circle pit.

Modern Baseball opened the night at around 6:30, drawing in a lot of fan interaction and earning a later mention from Dan Campbell, saying that they remind him of The Wonder Years when they were that age.

After a quick set, around a half-hour or so, Citizen took over, bringing a heavier brand of a hardcore/punk mix with them. Their crowd was active and relentless, and the buzz throughout the venue stuck from that point on.

Fireworks took the stage, and with them came a sense that, if The Wonder Years ever had to miss a show, these guys could seamlessly step into the role as headliner. As the lights dropped just before their entrance, the venue erupted with applause and “FI-RE-WORKS” chants.

But, and no offense meant to them, there’s a reason these three were openers. The stage went dark, a stream of spotlight hit Campbell’s face, and he lead into “There, There,” a fitting introductory song not only because it begins The Greatest Generation, but its gentle start quickly rips into “Passing Through A Screen Door.” The audience’s intensity was instant, causing the venue’s security to clear the photo pit midway through the second song rather than after three entire tracks.

About half of The Greatest Generation was performed, as well as other staples like “Melrose Diner,” “Woke Up Older,” and “Local Man Ruins Everything.” The band took advantage of their newly-restored headlining role (after spending the fall as an opener for A Day to Remember, Pierce the Veil, and All Time Low) to reach back into their catalog for a rare b-side, “Me Vs. the Highway.”

The emotion that made The Greatest Generation so memorable translated brilliantly to the live performance. Following the quick, aggressive “Dynamite Shovel,” the lights fell again and Campbell knelt down on a monitor. “There are certain things that you can’t change about yourself,” he said, “and there are certain things that you don’t want to change. But these are the things that make you who you are.” He paused and the audience silently waited. “This is a song about the devil in my bloodstream.” While Campbell sang, his voice was nearly entirely drowned out by the crowd singing back to him.

The band closed with “Came Out Swinging,” sending the crowd into a last-effort frenzy. They took a quick recess from the stage, returning with “I Just Want to Sell Out My Funeral” as their grand finale. The seven-minute closer left every person there with their arms raised, shouting and regaining their breath as the music faded out and the lights came back on.

I always expect something special from The Wonder Years. But even with that those high expectations, I’m still a little surprised that tonight was the first night of this tour. All four bands on the bill captured the audience’s attention throughout their time onstage, and the focus grew stronger with each group. Seeing how great the tour was on its first night, I can only imagine how it’s going to be by the time it closes.

There, There
Passing Through A Screen Door
Local Man Ruins Everything
Woke Up Older
Me Vs. the Highway
Melrose Diner
A Raindance in Traffic
Everything I Own Fits in this Backpack
Dynamite Shovel
The Devil in my Bloodstream
Cul de Sac
Dismantling Summer
Don’t Let Me Cave In
Washington Square Park
Came Out Swinging
I Just Want to Sell Out My Funeral 

Written and photos by: Eric Riley