LOL Gallery: Diamante, Full Devil Jacket, Hinder


Who: Diamante, Full Devil Jacket, Hinder
When & Where: 6/19/15, Bogart’s; Cincinnati, OH
By: Merva Sayegh

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Road Blog:: On My Honor. (Update 5)

On My Honor, a pop-punk band from TN, has just started their fall tour and will be on the road until early November. The band has a busy month ahead of them as they are currently touring with GA pop-punk band, Veara (Epitaph Records), will then meet up with The Swellers (No Sleep Records) and will also play Fest in Gainesville, FL next month before ending their tour. Needless to say, these boys will be busy and we have your behind the scenes look of their life on the road!

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Update 5.
From drummer, Tobias Campbell

Oct. 20th – We met back up with Veara in South Bend, Indiana. The show that night was in a venue called The Generic Shop, which was this rad little hole in the wall building, with no actual stage, making the show seem more intimate. That night we hung out with our buddy Derek from the band Trash the Dress. We attempted to buy a Ouija Board since Derek lives next to a graveyard in South Bend, but Walmart doesnt carry them in-store anymore.

Oct. 21st – This was an off day. We went with our buddy Derek to check out the only cool thing in South Bend. Notre Dame. After walking around campus for a couple hours we went to the bar and grill Derek works at and hung out until we went back to crash at his place for another night.

Oct. 22nd – We  dropped a show in Cincinnati, OH which gave us another day off. Since the next day’s show was going to be in Cleveland we decided to leave South Bend and get a hotel room in Cleveland. The hotel was relaxing and we were able to find the Nashville Predators game vs the Minnesota Wild on TV. Drew, Jordan, and myself are pretty big hockey fans. Drew and Jordan are major Preds supporters. Since I’m from Idaho I’ve never really had an NHL team I fully backed, but since the Preds are the state team I might as well get into it. For real though. Ask me about my Idaho Steelheads, or the ECHL. I got you boo. The Preds ended up losing (like they normally do) and it was a disappointing end to a day where we drove through the entire boring state of Ohio.

Oct. 23rd -We started off the day going and checking out the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland. It was a blistering cold day with the wind whipping off the lake. Double sweatshirts and I was still shaking. After the HOF we went to load in. Veara had been having van problems and we were unsure if they were going to make it. They did just in time to watch us play. The venue was really rad, just had way too many local bands on the bill. And it started snowing. On the plus side, I bought Drew a one direction key chain for a buck.

Oct. 24th -There was a show that night for us and Veara in Connecticut so we drove through the night. While in Pennsylvania I found some Birch Beer, a magical Root Beer like drink that has evaded me since I started looking for it in Boston two tours ago. It wasnt the same brand I was looking for but it was still the soft drink. Terrible but still Birch Beer. When we made it to Connecticut we had a friend put us up for a couple hours until the show at this studio space. The venue was rad and the guys working there were even cooler. It was a super fun show, probably one of my favorites with Veara.

Oct. 25th – New York City, New York. Manhattan. The Studio at Webster Hall. On My Honor. The Swellers. Candy Hearts. This show was completely packed out. The hours before were filled with mostly frustration. Parking in The City is the worst task anyone can find. Once the show kicked off it got much better. Jake and I went off and found $1 slices of Pizza which were pretty good for just being a dollar. Once back at the venue our buddies Nick and Jesse from Far From Proper came to hang out. This show was probably our best set of the tour. The crowd reaction was amazing. Candy Hearts, who we played with previously in Greensboro, NC at Songs Of The South Fest, put on an amazing show for their pretty much hometown crowd. Then The Swellers came on. The Swellers have been my favorite band for a couple of years now. The song Best I Ever Had convinced me to pursue a career in the music industry (Thanks Nick and Jono.) When they came on, The Studio erupted. They started off the set with the first song off The Light Under Closed Doors, Should. Myself, Nick, Jesse, the rest of On My Honor, and New York were singing every word to every song, and suffering through Anto’s bad stage jokes. During the break at the end of Runaways, the Swellers cover Coffee Mug by The Descendents. I tried to get an old school circle pit going but the kids were all about Push Moshing so I got beat up in the pit. The Swellers also pulled out a song both Jake and I freaked over. They covered Knowledge by Operation Ivy just on a whim. All in All it was a super tight show.

Oct. 26th – This show was in South Jersey, put on by the lovely Taylor from Short Lived Affair. Other than not being able to use my own drumset, and playing behind what felt like a Hockey Penalty Box, the show was pretty good. Afterwards us and Veara went back to Taylor’s house where we played with her two dogs, sat by a fire and roasted marshmallows, and had sweet hot tub hangs.

Oct. 28th– This was our last show with Veara. If you havent seen them live you need to go. Patrick, Brad, Bryan, and Brittany are some of the best musicians I’ve seen live. If you’re a young musician, go watch and learn. If you just dig music, check them out. The live show is fantastic. If they aren’t coming near you, at least pick up their new album Growing Up Is Killing Me. It’s an amazing album.

We still have a week left with The Swellers, where we play Fest12 and our hometown. Looking forward to finishing this tour out strong.

On My Honor