5 Questions With: Bryce Gilbertson [SBSW Edition]

At only 20 years old, Bryce Gilbertson is a Dallas act you definitely need to keep your eye on. This past weekend, Bryce returned to South By So What?! for a second time, playing alongside artists such as Cartel, The Maine, Driver Friendly, and Against the Current, to name a few.

Check out our interview with her below!

This is your second
time performing at South By So What?! Was there any difference in preparing for
your performance, since you have played the same festival before?
The first year I played the festival,
I had no idea what to expect. I wasn’t sure what the weather would be like,
what the do’a and don’ts of festivals were, and even if people would watch our
set! This year I felt a lot more prepared. I knew where to be and when, who to
ask questions, and more ways to get the most out of the day. I was even
prepared with a pancho and change of clothes for the weather!

You are currently working on your second EP, which is set to release later this
year. What sound can fans expect to hear and what else can you tell us about
This second EP is something I am
extremely excited about. My first EP definitely had more of a “teeny
bopper” pop feel to it. My style since then has matured quite a bit. This
upcoming EP has more of an electronic dancey feel to it. I have been extremely
influenced by bands such as Broods, Chvches, and Daughter. I can’t wait for
everyone to hear it!

What act were you most excited to catch at South By So What?! and did they meet
your expectations?
The acts booked on South By So What?!
always blow me away. This year I was so excited to see Mayday Parade, Circa
Survive, Lydia, and the Maine. I look up to these bands so much. They all were
so incredible. Seeing musicians surrounded by fans all screaming their lyrics
is so encouraging to watch. It makes me wants to keep pursuing my dream.

When you first began releasing music, you posted a couple of cover videos on
your YouTube channel. If you had to cover one song at every show for the rest
of your life, what song would it be and why?
This question took me forever to
answer. One song?! After a lot of debate I would probably have to say ‘Dreams’
by Fleetwood Mac. They have always inspired me in not only writing, but even
stage presence. This album also has a lot of me memories attached to it. I can
remember being younger and me and my family listening to this album blaring in
my parents car.

Not only have you played South By So What?!, but you’ve also played South By
Southwest in the past. What is the difference in atmosphere between the two
festivals? Do you have a preference in which you prefer playing?
Playing SXSW was such a neat
experience for me. There were so many musicians and shows going on everywhere.
I think one of the main differences is that at south by so what, its like a
huge family. Everyone is so kind and supportive of each other. If you need
help, so many of the bands are willing to go out of there way to do what they
can. We all watch each other’s sets, and we all cheer each other on. You are
surrounded by so many successful yet humble people. Both of the festivals are
incredible. They are each different in the best ways. It’s been an honor being
a part of each of them.