LOL Gallery: The Used 15th Anniversary Night 2: In Love and Death

Who: The Used
When & Where: 5/25/16, Brooklyn Bowl; Las Vegas, NV
By: Anthony Duty

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Review:: You See Us | PitchBlak Brass Band

For Those Who Like: Menahan Street Band, N.A.S.A., N*E*R*D (if you were ever in marching band)

HOLY SHIT. This band kicks so much ass. If you have ears and like ANY type of music you need to listen to the PitchBlak Brass band. With ten members, all with varying musical backgrounds from going to highly respected music schools, to playing Carnegie Hall these kids know what’s up. This Brooklyn band may appear to be just a brass band by looking at them, but then you turn on their first full length entitled “You See Us” and not only do you see them, but their sound seeps into your soul.

There is something for everyone from “Anticipation” which is a hip-hop fueled track with jazzy tones; to “1988 Gregorian Swagger” that is an instrumental piece with swirling jazz sounds. There are many variations all over this album with big sounds to more mellow tunes that all compliment each other to make one giant unique band. Each track is different than the next, but they all flow together so well and blend to make a magical full-length debut that leaves you aching for more. “The Light” featuring Jackie Morales is one of my favorite tracks off of the album. Jackie Morales’ warm voice steals the show on this song and sounds glorious with brass tones oozing and blasting off in accompaniment, and chimes to close.

PitchBlak Brass Band have released one previous self titled EP and this time around decided to work with sound engineer, Aaron Nevezie who has worked with talented acts such as Danger Mouse, ?uestlove, and the Black Keys to make this album every bit as excellent as it is. They have played all over New York, being showcased at CMJ to other local venues like Brooklyn Bowl and Le Poisson Rouge. I am sure it is quite a sight to see having all ten pieces up on stage together while they boogie down.

Overall, the album is exciting, new and different from anything else going on at the moment and that is refreshing. I think it is important to hear bands like this come along and experience them for what they are a breath of fresh air.

Release Date: September 10, 2013
Rating: 3.5/5
Run Time: 42:50

Track List:
01. Anticipation
02. Interlude #1 (I Miss You…)
03. 1988 Gregorian Swagger
04. Doppelgänger
05. The Light feat. Jackie Morales
06. Ulysses
07. Interlude #2 (Don’t Get Crazy…)
08. Get It And Run
09. Burr Lioz
10. Blak Snare
11. It’s All Good
12. Virus
13. Redemption HO

Chanell Crichlow (Sousaphone)
Alison Shearer (Saxophone)
Bryan Walters (Trumpet/MC)
Brian Lotze (Trumpet/MC)
T.J. Robinson (Trombone/MC)
Alaina Alster (Trombone)
Max Sholl (Trombone)
Ben Brody (Guitar/Horn)
Chris Johnson (Percussion/MC)
Ashley Baier (Drums)

Written By: Chelsea Conte