Review:: Boroughs | Boroughs


Full of regrets and recollections of heartbreak, Boroughs’
self-titled release is an honest, introspective look at internal dialogue
during hard nights. Though this description may make the EP seem dismal,
there’s an underlying theme of hope in each of the tracks on the six-song

In opening track “Keep it Up,” singer Kyle Neal repeats
“Nothing’s quite as bad” as the song closes out. The line comes off as a
personal mantra and reminder rather than a statement that’s meant to be
believed. The afterthought of “…until it is,” feels almost like defeat, but a
defeat that’s accepted based wholly on Neal’s delivery.

This cycle of guessing and second-guessing keeps on through the
rest of the EP, even more so in standout, “Stay With Me.” A wistful track
accented by spacey acoustic guitar work, the third song brings to light the
doubts of the first half and is the first of the selections that seem to dispel
some of the doubts of the internal dialogue.

Finishing out strong with final track “Enough,” the mood of the
EP pulls an about-face. Beginning with a rousing chorus, the themes in “Enough”
of acceptance and optimism are sure to stick in the minds of listeners even
after they move on to the next selection. Though Boroughs’ brand of
indie-folk-meets-alt-country may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s the
relatability factor that will have even casual listeners finding something
within the songs that resonates with them.

Release Date: December 4, 2015
Rating: 4/5
Runtime: ~25 minutes
Check Out: “Stay With Me”, “Give it Time”

Track listing:
1. Keep It Up
2. Alive
3. Stay With Me
4. Give it Time
5. Anytime
6. Enough

Written by Carina Browder