14 Songs To Hear From July 2016

We asked our staff to choose some of their favorite tracks released last month to create our July playlist! This month’s playlist features songs from blink-182, Major Lazer, I Prevail and Emarosa, to name a few.

Check out the full list and Spotify stream below! What songs stood out to you last month? What songs do you want to see on this month’s playlist? Let us know by shooting us a tweet at @_lucyoutloud!

Full List:
“Without You” by Mike Schiavo
“She’s Out Of Her Mind” by blink-182
“Why” by Roy Woods
“Crzy” by kehlani
“Summer Heat (Radio Mix)” by Solidisco
“Cold Water” by Major Lazer
“Scars” by I Prevail
“I’m So Dead” by The Stolen
“Alright” by Keaton Henson
“17 New Years” by Polyenso
“Porcelain” by Emarosa
“Cry Baby” by Fickle Friends
“Into The Night” by Jeremy & the Harlequins
“Heavy” by Birdtalker

29 Songs to Hear from April 2016

We’re a little late to the party with our April playlist, but better late than never! We asked our staff to choose some of their favorite tracks released last month to create our April playlist! Featuring brand new tracks from artists all across the board from Thrice to Beyonce to blink 182 to Kesha – the playlist even includes an acoustic throwback from Hit The Lights!

Check out the full list and Spotify stream below! What songs stood out to you last month? What songs do you want to see on this month’s playlist? Let us know by shooting us a tweet at @_lucyoutloud!

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LOL Gallery: Taste of Chaos

Who: The All-American Rejects, Dashboard Confessional, The Used, Mark Hoppus, Jimmy Eat World, Saves The Day, The Movielife, Glassjaw, and Thrice
What: Taste of Chaos
When & Where: 8/3/15, San Manuel Amphitheater; San Bernardino, CA
By: Anthony Duty

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Interview With:: Plaid Brixx

We recently interviewed Plaid Brixx to discuss where the band name came from, their upcoming EP and their ideal dream tour. The electro-pop/rock band out of Columbus, Ohio will be releasing their EP on July 8th!
First off, please introduce yourself and tell us what you do in the band.
I’m Chris Duggan, nice to meet you. I’m the main songwriter and producer for the band and I play lead guitar and sing lead vocals..

You guys have only been a band for about a year. How did you guys form and where did the name Plaid Brixx come from?
We used to play together in high school before any of us were really very good. We were basically children writing dumb songs about Tibetan yetis. It’s nice playing with Mark, Cole and Andrew because they are amazing musicians and great guys to be around. Mark’s drumming is ridiculously fun to watch, Cole walks around the scales because he loves funky grooves even though we play pop rock, and Andrew is one of the best keyboard players I have ever had the pleasure of hearing, let alone jamming with daily.

The name came from a weird idea I got one day. I thought it would be very cool to see a brick wall made out of plaid bricks, then everyone thought that plaid bricks sounded cool, so we went with a variation of that as the band name.

You guys just put out your new single “Chemistry” this week and will be releasing your debut EP next month. What kind of experience are you hoping fans walk away with after listening to the EP?
We are of course hoping people connect with our music and love listening to it. We hope they walk away feeling great about finding a new band that they like and want to hear more.

For those that aren’t familiar with you, how would you describe your sound?
Pop with a razor’s edge of rock and an aftershave of punk.

Which song off your debut EP are you most excited for fans to hear and why?
We are most excited about the title track “Chemistry” because we feel it represents our music well, but “Heartbreaker” is a pretty addicting “dancey” track.

If Plaid Brixx could create a dream tour, who would be on it and what would it be called?
Our dream tour would be with Blink-182 and Green Day. I actually saw them play together when I was in 5th grade and it blew my mind. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I would love to be opening for them one day. I guess that dream never went away. I think it would be called the Dirty Mouth tour. Have you ever heard their stage banter?

What can we expect next from Plaid Brixx, other than the EP release?
We are going to continue performing locally in Columbus, OH and we are in the early stages of booking some regional shows. We also have some opportunities to perform in NYC and LA in the near future. We are also polishing up more material for a full-length album to be released in early 2015.

Thanks for your time! Anything else you’d like to add?
We are hard-working fellas trying to get heard by as many people as possible because we are pretty confident people will like our music if they give it a chance to hear it! Thanks to all of our fans so far, and thanks for your interest and support, Lucy!

For more on Plaid Brixx: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Road Blog:: On My Honor. (Update 4)

On My Honor, a pop-punk band from TN, has just started their fall tour and will be on the road until early November. The band has a busy month ahead of them as they are currently touring with GA pop-punk band, Veara (Epitaph Records), will then meet up with The Swellers (No Sleep Records) and will also play Fest in Gainesville, FL next month before ending their tour. Needless to say, these boys will be busy and we have your behind the scenes look of their life on the road!

Previous posts: Update 1. Update 2. Update 3.

Update 4.
From bassist, Jake Jones

October 12
We arrived in San Antonio, TX a few hours early for load in. Lucas took the van to the gym and the rest of us walked about a mile to the Alamo. After talking myself out of peeing on the same spot where Ozzy Osbourne urinated some years ago, we headed back to the venue. Drew and I ventured over to the adjacent VFW hall for a beer and some much needed air conditioning. We then proceeded to head back and help load our gear into the venue. The promoter provided us all with free pizza and we all embarked on a feeding frenzy of epic proportions. The local bands were all great and the turnout was starting to look really good considering we had never played in San Antonio before. We played through our set and left the stage completely drenched in sweat. San Antonio is incredibly hot in mid October, go figure. Veara killed it as usual and then we all loaded up and headed to our place of residence for the evening. We all threw back a few drinks, experienced some good conversations amongst one another, and then crashed for the evening.

October 13
I slept for most of the drive to Denton, TX. We pulled up to the venue at 6:00 and loaded in our gear. The venue was very nice with a good sized stage. I then re-strung my devil bass and then chilled at the bar. There were four solid local bands before us that all did a great job. As we began our sound check we noticed what appeared to be our first heckler of the tour. Lucas quickly put an end to that and invited the kid to come do our sound check for us. It was awkward for him yet so awesome for us :). Our set was well-received and then we rushed off stage so Veara could prepare for total domination. They succeeded! Us and the Veara crew then reconvened at the bar and toasted to another great night of tour.

October 14th.
So Austin, TX rules simply because of Del Taco. We stopped and ate a tremendous amount of tacos and burritos. Their hot sauce was magnificent and the show was pretty cool too. The bar was made out of old punk band fliers such as Rancid and Black Flag which obviously made my heart happy. We played with a badass local band called Thieves that played a killer cover set consisting of pretty much everything on my iPod including but not limited to: Thrice, Weezer, Blink 182, and Jimmy Eat World. The always brilliant, Veara, then graced the stage and talked about acid while playing a super trippy set. There were lots of tye-died beavers running around and it was a good “Texas” night for sure.

October 15.
We played in a town called Metairie, LA which isn’t too far from New Orleans. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to go and destroy Bourbon St. but we had a pretty decent time at the venue. We consumed a bunch of free pizza then us and the guys/gal in Veara snuck a bunch of beer into the the gated parking lot that served as a perfect place for a tail-gate party. Apparently the locals bands had the same idea which resulted in a massive fenced in band bash resembling something that would have taken place before a Guns ‘n’ Roses concert back in the 80’s. Needless to say, it was a great time. Oh, and the show was good too (except for the fact that the venue owner decided to not pay any of us).

October 16.
This was an off day for us. Luckily my parents live on the way to Louisville, KY and were ok with shacking up 12 stinky musicians. My mom cooked a bunch of food and filled the basement fridge with highlife. We basically did nothing but eat and drink all day and night. It was a well deserve day of optimum relaxation.

October 17.
We played at Spinellis in Louisville, KY last night. Louisville is basically our second home and is always a blast. We got to see a bunch of good friends, and as always, ate free Spinellis pizza (which is delicious!). After the show we all went out with the Louisville crew to a few bars and proceeded to do what we do best. My girlfriend had driven to town for the show so I got to hang out with her for the first time in a month. That pretty much made my day. Al in all it was a fantastic evening in Louisville as usual.

October 18.
Today was our first show with the Swellers and oh how badass it was! We played at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago which is one of the sickest venues I’ve had the good fortune to experience first hand. The turnout was probably the best since our first show with Veara back in Augusta. The show started very late but people just kept piling into the building. We plowed through an abridged version of our set in order to leave ample time for the Swellers to bring their rock to the eager masses. They performed a flawless and extensive set comprised of material reaching all the way back to the earlier years of their career and up to their current release. I was blown away (as were the rest of my band mates). It was definitely my favorite show of this tour so far. We left around1:30 am or so and headed to Dan’s aunt’s house for a good night’s sleep and bagels for breakfast.