Show Review: Taking Back Tuesday 4/19


Emo Night LA: Taking Back Tuesday
Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Hell, The Masquerade; Atlanta, GA

After a year of watching friends on the West Coast attend Emo Night, I was beyond excited to see Taking Back Tuesday finally head south to Atlanta on April 19. Bringing together a few hundred 20-somethings, the night was filled with the songs that made us cry and feel things as teens. Despite the night getting off to a shaky start – I never want to hear “club goin’ up on a Tuesday” ever again – it was Fall Out Boy’s “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down” that got the party started. Which, for anyone who knows me, is the perfect way to
start a party.

As the Emo Night crew spun hits by Hawthorne Heights, Say Anything, and other hitmakers from the mid-2000s, scattered expletives and raised drinks could be heard and seen as former scene kids recognized the songs of their youth. The invitation to take the stage was taken advantage of as several people made themselves stage regulars to lead singalongs while reaching out to grab hands and going all out to perform to old favorites, like “Seventy Times Seven,” “The Black Parade,” and more. I took advantage of this myself on multiple occasions, fulfilling a dream of mine to sing “Misery Business” on
stage (with a handful of strangers, no biggie) and turning up to Panic! At the
Disco’s breakout, “I Write Sins, Not Tragedies.” Here’s a picture to prove it – taken by Ryan Purcell.

Other highlights of the night included a pit starting on stage to “Fat Lip,” a dancer popping and tutting all night, and a rousing singalong to MCR featuring a dude dressed in his best bulletproof vest.

A few internet celebs were in attendance, such as Aaron Chewning and Sara Hopkins, but it was Cartel’s drummer and Atlanta native Kevin Sanders’ presence that got the crowd hyped as “Honestly” rang through the speakers.

Though Emo Night boasts merch with slogans like “Sad as Fuck” or “ride or cry,” I left in higher spirits than I came. Even though the music still gets to me and makes me emotional from time to time, there’s nothing like being in a room full of people who feel the same way as you, singing the songs that said what you needed to hear as a teenager. For just a moment, everyone was back in high school and thoughts about bills, work, and school were tossed aside to dust off lyrics memorized back in the days of straightened hair and studded belts.

Needless to say, Taking Back Tuesday’s first night in Atlanta was one to remember. Hands down.

Review: Death On Two Wheels | Death On Two Wheels


If you’ve ever walked into a smoke filled bar in Anywhere, USA you’ve likely heard a band that thinks they sound like Death on Two Wheels. Fortunately, where all those other local bands fall short, Death on Two Wheels succeeds with their new self-title album. The album is full of energy and power with a bit of southern rock flare, like Lucero racing for pinks in a muscle car.

The five piece band from Atlanta has put out an album that is “less twang, more bang” according to their bio. I’ve had the opportunity to listen to their previous work; I can promise you that his album is most certainly full of bang. That being said, you can still feel the “twang” at the heart of the music, underneath the revved up engine sound. Tracks like “Children” and “Burn Loretta” are great examples of the southern undertone.

The first single off the album is “Hey Amariah” is a fun and energetic song with a hook that is easy to get stuck in your head. It was a smart choice to make this the first single, as it gives you a taste of what you can find on the album, but doesn’t shake you with its power.

This album is a lot of very loud fun.  These are the kinds of songs that make me want to see someone live, just to see if they can live up to the energy exhibited on the album. I have a feeling that these guys not only meet expectations, but likely exceed them. This album is sure to get your blood pumping and heart racing, and if that sounds like a good time to you then I definitely recommend checking it out.

Release Date: November 5th, 2013
Rating: 3.5/5
Runtime: ≈44 minutes

Track List:
Look at the Sound
Hey Amariah
Petty Boom
Burn Loretta
Giving it All Away
Blamed Your Friends
13 Words
Death Wolf
Blew it Out

Death on Two Wheels is:
Trae Vedder – Vocals / Guitar
Jacob Bubacz – Guitar/ Vocals
Stuart Roane – Bass / Vocals
Alex Stanley – Organ / Piano / Vocals

Written By: Mark Northern