50 Acts You Won’t Want To Miss At SXSW (Part 1)

Since none of us here at Lucy Out Loud will be able to attend SXSW this year, we’ve put together a list of 50 acts(in no particular order) we think those of you that are attending shouldn’t miss! 

To check out our first installment (acts 1-10), click “Read More”!

*Note: some acts we’ve included are performing at South By So What?! and not South By South West. However, since the festival takes place during the week of South By Southwest, we’ve decided to still include them in our list!

Part 1 (Acts 1-10)

  1. iTCH
    Hip-hop seems to reach further now than it ever has. With this, and the ability to combine punk, pop, and electronic elements into his music, iTCH has been able to create a unique sound with a bit of English charm, adding his name to a short list of artists who have successfully been able to do so. 
    Where to catch iTCH: 3.13 – 9:30pm – SONY Showcase @ Hangar Lounge; 3.14 – 2:20pm – Big Picture Media Showcase @ Blind Pig Rooftop; 3.14 – 7:20pm – Audiotree Showcase @ Licha’s Cantina
  2. The Front Bottoms
    Thanks to Brian Sella’s unique voice (which shares a likeness to that of Say Anything’s Max Bemis or Andrew Jackson Jihad’s Sean Bonnette) and the duo’s clever lyrics, The Front Bottoms have built a huge following for themselves, proving that just because their music may not sound the prettiest, that doesn’t mean it isn’t pretty.
    Where to catch The Front Bottoms: 3.12 – 1:30pm – Run For Cover Records/Brixton Agency Showcase @ The Liberty; 3.12 – 6pm – The Chris Gethard Showcase @ Esther’s Follies; 3.12 – 11pm – BrooklynVegan Showcase @ Red 7 Patio; 3.14 – 8pm – APA Official Showcase @ The Palm Door; 3.14 – 1am – Bar None Showcase @ Valhalla
  3. Dangerkids
    Dangerkids are one of the few bands who have been able to successfully merge the worlds of electronic hardcore and rap/rock. Their debut album near the tail-end of 2013 was well-received and ambitious, and it wouldn’t be a shock to see them have a big year this year. 
    Where to catch Dangerkids: 3.16 – South By So What?! @ Quiktrip Park
  4. The Trash Pop Icons
    Fronted by sisters Nadia and Naomi Zep, the group has made a name for themselves throughout the San Francisco Bay area. The group’s debut album, A Way With Words, has a sound for any type of listener and an energy that is sure to translate to the stage.
    Where to catch The Trash Pop Icons: 3.12 – 12pm – Big Picture Media Showcase @ Thirsty Nickel; 3.12 – 4pm – Texas Rockfest @ Shiner’s Saloon, 3.13 – 7pm – Texas Rockfest @ Blue Moon; 3.14 – 7pm – Lot323’s Shocase @ the corner of Colorado & 4th
  5. Tiny Moving Parts
    If mewithoutYou and La Dispute conceived a child at a pop/punk show, the result would be Minnesota’s Tiny Moving Parts. Sharp, quick, and harsh, their music is personal and begs to be shouted.
    Where to catch Tiny Moving Parts: 3.14 – Between 12pm and 6pm – Charlie Says “Fest!” @ 2326 E Cesar Chavez St.
  6. letlive.
    We’ve heard a lot about letlive. over the last few years or so. And there’s a justified reason for why they’ve had the huge years that they’ve had. When the LA five-piece performs, they leave every ounce of them on their stage and with the fans. Whether you know this band or not, they’re one you’ll be disappointed for missing.
    Where to catch letlive.: 3.15 – South By So What?! @ Quiktrip Park
  7. From Indian Lakes
    Following a year that included their first headline tour, as well as an opening spot for The Main and Anberlin and recognition as one of Alternative Press’ 100 Bands You Need to Know in 2014, California’s From Indian Lakes are poised to have a great follow-up year.
    Where to catch From Indian Lakes: 3.11 – 7pm – To Write Love on Her Arms Texas UChapter @ Catalyst Teen Center; 3.13 – 12:05 – Equal Vision Records and Pure Noise Records Showcase @ G-Pen Annex; 3.13 – Between 12pm to 1am – The Audiotree Showcase @ Licha’s Cantina

  8. Ashley Allen
    Ashley Allen has all of the makings to be a standout pop star – hooks, looks, and plenty of personality. Her music is undeniably catchy and mainstream-ready, making her an artist to surely watch. 
    Where to catch Ashley Allen: 3.14 – 12pm – High School Nation Tour @ 1121 E. 7th St

  9. Lucius
    I(Eric) first saw Lucius perform at Boston Calling in September. They were one of the lower-billed openers, but they had everyone talking. Donned in identical black-and-white dresses, their staging was, and still is, as intriguing, charming, and distinctive as their music. 
    Where to catch Lucius: 3.12 – 8am – KUTX @ The Four Seasons; 3.12 – 5pm – The Paste Party @ Swan Dive; 3.12 – 10:45 – High Road Touring @ Cedar Street Courtyard; 3.13 – 6pm – Heartbreaker Banquet @ Willie Nelson’s “Luck, TX” Ranch; 3.13 – 12am – The Heart of Austin @ The Market; 3.14 – 6am – KGSR @ The W Hotel; 3.14 – 12pm – SXSW Radio Showcase @ The Convention Center; 3.14 – 4pm – The Tumblr House @ Clive Bar

  10. Chiodos
    Chiodos are one of the most tirelessly-working groups out there. After a couple of years that saw a revolving door or lineup changes, 2013 was a return to form. Now, with an extensive tour schedule and a new album on its way, they’re set to retake their territory in 2014.
    Where to catch Chiodos: 3.14 – South By So What?! @ Quiktrip Park 

Review: Body Say No, Heart Say Yes | Ashley Allen

There has always been a small corner of my heart dedicated to energetic radio-ready pop. I drive around with the windows down in the summer singing Katy Perry and Ke$ha and “Call Me Maybe” and plenty others at the top of my lungs. And I proudly admit that.

On her newest EP, newcomer Ashley Allen joins this hyperactive dance party with a handful of songs packed full of sharp sass and undeniable hooks.

The opening title track “Body Say No, Heart Say Yes,” Allen struts in with a “whoa-oh-oh” clap-along chorus sweet enough to cause cavities. There is a brief instance where Allen attempts a sort of rapped chorus, which could draw from the co-writer/co-producer credits given to Cash Cash. It seems a bit out of place, not only because it doesn’t quite fit her voice, but also because it’s the only point on the EP where it happens. It’s over as abruptly as it begins, and doesn’t make the mark that I believe it was intended to. The acoustic version added to the end of the EP provides a much better representation of both Allen’s capabilities and the song’s accessibility.

“I’m a Dreamer” showcases Allen’s smooth voice, set to a plucky, upbeat electronic drum beat. As it grows to a chorus, her voice easily glides through “I’m a dreamer / and I’m dreaming of you.” Meanwhile, danceclub-ready “Touch Me” and “Let’s Go” are upbeat and clever and could easily find themselves on any Top 40 station.

Allen has a vocal talent that could fit into the mainstream mold without missing a beat, with a sound that has proven to have wild success already. So, we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for her.

Release Date: December 10th, 2013
Rating: 2.75/5
Runtime: 12:54 (+ 6:56 bonus versions)

01. Body Say No, Heart Say Yes
02. I’m A Dreamer
03. Let’s Go
04. Touch Me (Take Me Tonight)
05. Body Say No, Heart Say Yes (Luke Shay Remix)
06. Body Say No, Heart Say Yes (Acoustic)

Written By: Eric Riley

Interview With:: Ashley Allen

First things first, please introduce yourself!

Hey everyone! I am Ashley Allen 🙂

For those that aren’t familiar with you or your music, what can they expect to hear when listening to your album?

– My music is pop, when listening to my music you can definitely expect to hear the autobiography of my life. I incorporate all of my life experiences in my music. So whether the songs make you dance, laugh, or cry… the one thing the songs all have in common is that they are all stories told by me.

We’re definitely loving the new single, “Let’s Go", and the music video is pretty awesome as well. The video starts off with a younger Ashley’s school project that shows how she will be in the future. Growing up around parents with a passion for music, did you always know that music was your passion as well or did you want to be something else when you were younger?

– For as long as I can remember music has always been my number one. However, I do remember a time I wanted to be an astronaut. A singing astronaut!

You’ve had your fair share of troubling times from dealing with bullying to depression to anxiety. I think most people listen to their favorite artists to try and cope with the issues they’re dealing with. As an artist yourself, how has music helped you deal with these issues?

– My entire life music has been my best friend and it’s always been there for me when I felt no one else was. Music is certainly an outlet to escape the tortures that come with growing up. For me, I would lock myself in my room and all I would do was write music. The process of putting my experiences onto paper and into song and melody was definitely therapeutic.

“Body Say No, Heart Say Yes" could definitely be the perfect summer anthem to blast and sing along to. What would you consider your summer anthem?

– Good question! I recently heard the song True Love by Pink featuring Lily Allen and I love it! I am such a huge fan of Pink and I have been following Lily Allen since her Smile days. I love that they decided to collaborate together!

You recently toured Australia with Taylor Dayne. What was that experience like and can we expect a tour in the states soon?

– Touring was amazing. I had the best time. I definitely learned a lot about myself on the road. As for a tour in the states, I hope so!

Most of your songs have an upbeat and pop vibe to them. Have you always known that pop music was the direction you wanted to go in or have you messed around with other genres first to really figure out your sound?

– I always knew that pop music was the direction I wanted to go. However, I really have a love and listen to so many genres that it was important for me to find a way to incorporate them into my music.

If you could create a dream tour, who would be on it and what would it be called?

– If I could see Marilyn Manson, Rascal Flats, Pink, and Skillex on the “I Couldn’t Decide What I Wanted To Listen To Tour,” I think I’d freak out! In a good way.

Being a part of the music industry with multiple empowering female artists, what is your message of empowerment to your fans and new listeners?

– Through all of the negative struggles that come with growing up… there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I want to be that example that negative can turn positive. I want everyone to know that they are not alone and to never give up on yourself and on your dreams.

What can we expect next from Ashley Allen?

– In the next month you can expect to hear new music! I am super stoked to get more music out for everyone to hear!

You can download Ashley’s single “Let’s Go" on her website, itsashleyallen.com