Get To Know:: The Bergamot


Members: Jillian
Speece and Nathaniel Hoff
Genre: Indie
Folk/Alt Rock
Location: Brooklyn,
Recent Release: “Forget
About Tomorrow”

We fell in love with Brooklyn alternative folk duo, The
Bergamot, upon first listen. This husband and wife duo create music that is
catchy, beautiful, enticing, uplifting, whimsical, infectious – the list could
go on and on. What makes it even more special is that you don’t come across
artists like The Bergamot on a daily basis. Recently, the duo announced a 48
state “Unity Tour” along with launching The Unity Collective USA Kickstarter in
hopes of raising money to help fund the tour and last month they surpassed
their goal of $15,000. Now the band is pushing their brand new album, Tones, which is set to be released on
February 11th. Get to know more about The Bergamot below!

How did The Bergamot form and come to be what
it is today? 
Jillian and I met in the incandescent hallways
of our high school. I had a major crush vibe for Jillian so I offered her
guitar lessons. To this day she cannot play a lick of guitar – but we are
married. So good move on my part I guess. Jillian, at first, was not all in on
me. I was a introverted singer songwriter with a skeptical outlook on life.
Where as Jillian was the proud soloist in the liturgical choir. Her
singing was on – mine was off. But after sitting down in a writing session
together at the aid of a shared art teacher, we slowly began to realize that we
had some musical chemistry together. So we started performing together. 10
years later we are still basically doing the same shake and jive – just much
bigger stages and quite a few more listeners. It was the first small writing
sessions that would eventually take us across the globe, and land us in
New York City. 

Who are some of your musical influences –
both as a band and individually? 

As a band we really look to other great bands
with a duo of singers leading such as Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, The Beatles,
Steely Dan, and also our contemporaries such as Matt and Kim, Belle and
Sebastian, Sufjan Stevens, The Civil Wars, Fitz and the Tantrums, and Shovels
and Rope. 

back to the days of my first ever vinyl when I was a kid, I loved Bob Dylan’s
“Brining it all Back Home”. That was the album that I probably
decided I wanted to be a musician. I just remember playing Mr. Tambourine
man over and over and over – I fell in love. Then I moved into Pink Floyd much
at the aide of my father. We would sit and listen to the Dark Side of the Moon
in surround sound. He had one of those super hi-fi versions of the
recording. I remember it was gold on the bottom – my brother and I thought that
was soo cool. Then came the Nirvana teenage angst phase. I was only 5 when
“Smells Like Teen Spirit” came out, but that very much became
the anthem of my youth – as well as everyone else. Then I got into Silverchair
and the album “Frog Stomp” as well as Caroline Spine and some other
bands. I could go on, but then there was Dave Matthews Band followed by
Modest Mouse and Albert Hammond Jr.  Right now I am really into Glass

 At the
tender age of nine I purchased The Beatles – Anthology 1 and Anthology 2 (1996)
– 4-cassette box set. This box set blew my mind and set me up for a diverse
musical hunger that could only be satisfied by filling my brain with more
music. There I was in 1996 rocking out in my jean overalls with pigtails,
sitting on the floor of my room singing as loud as I could to The Beatles
“Good Day Sunshine”. All this did was set me up for one of my
first vocal performances during a 4th grade show and the song of choice was,
Yesterday. My love of music and style are heavily influenced by Joni Mitchell,
Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac, Simon & Garfunkel, Billy Joel,
anything Motown, and Eva Cassidy, oh the glorious pipes on Eva Cassidy!!

What do you enjoy most about playing

The smell of the microphone. The silence in the
room when you hit a solid harmony or play a stellar song. The people you meet
along the way – the uncertainty of it all. The overall feeling you get of being
on stage. It’s intoxicating and then you come off of it and review and improve.
It’s a process that I honor and respect. It makes me feel most alive. Every
time I take the stage a piece of my spirit returns to home. Performing
live is true freedom. 

What do you do when you’re not playing

Nathaniel: Fresh
roasted coffee, oven fresh bagels, New York slices, cheap kabobs, pointless
walks, drunk thai trips, tourists, chestnuts, oh God, chestnuts! 3 AM cruises
through Manhattan, greasy Mexican food, and wild stories – not too much. I
work on my blog, try to exercise, sketch, and write poetry. I have a
blog,, that
is about the songwriting experience – mostly the lyrical side. I had this grand
idea I could write a song a day. But I am just not that type of writer. I
like to really work things through. I also still enjoy the sport of golf. Golf
paid for college, as I was lucky enough to receive a D-I Scholarship in

 Two words
“yoga mat”. Inking new blog posts for my two blogs, and SHINE
ON INC, and testing and designing my exclusive new perfume line, Worthy Souls
Botanicals, which is set launch in 2016 out on tour.

cherish our Saturday morning trips to the Greenpoint Farmers Market where we
get crisp heirloom apples and carrots. Walking around the hood with friends
singing and talking about how wonderful crunching leaves sound beneath our
cold feet. Making smoothies and juice drinks. Working out with my man then
proceeding to laugh about how freaking good Levain Bakery’s Chocolate Chip
Walnut Cookies are after we devour one. You see, we work out to eat.
Hanging out with Paulie Gee of Paulie Gee’s on Greenpoint Ave. and then taking
a big bite into a fresh Regina pizza – OMG to die for. Finding and following
new vegan/vegetarian food blogs. I am obsessed with delicious food and
beautiful foods and just found a beautiful one this week called
Testing out new essential oils to use in my product line. Yesterday, I mixed
rose-otto essential oil with bergamot oil (trust me, it was intoxicating).
And reading, oh I love reading, but I can only fit this in right before I get
shut-eye. The book I am way into right now is A Course in
Miracles. Last but not least, holding onto Nathaniel as we dance
together late at night on Saks Fifth Avenue as the chestnut smoke billows around
us while listening to music from a O’Holy night being performed by a street
musician on his saxophone. It was so romantic and a moment I’ll never for

For more on The Bergamot: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Get To Know:: The Banshee Pilot


Members: Gage
Emmerson (Vocals), Brandan Lee Keller (Bass), Anthony Cipolla (Drums), Nick
Alfonsi (Guitar), Tim Hicks (Guitar)
Genre: Alternative
Location: Detroit,
Recent Release: “If
You Wanted Riches, Honey, You Should’ve Married a Doctor”

Detroit alt rockers, The Banshee Pilot, released their self-titled and self-produced EP back in October. Reminiscent of My Chemical Romance and Panic! At The Disco, the Banshee Pilot brings a nostalgic feel with their music. The band, who recently released a music video for “If You Wanted Riches, Honey, You Should’ve Married A Doctor,” will be heading out on the road later this year in support of their EP. Get to know more about The Banshee Pilot below!

How did The Banshee Pilot form and come to be what it is today?
Anthony: We’re honestly just 4 normal
guys that really wanted to be able to spread a message and ‘reach out’ to
people so to speak, and the one thing we all had in common was a passion for
music and a passion for creativity.  It’s what we love.  Naturally,
we began jamming with each other and then The Banshee Pilot kind of just,
happened.  We can’t wait for everyone to see and hear everything we’ve
been working on in the very near future. Welcome to the world of The Banshee

Who are some of your musical influences – both as a band and individually?
Band influences:
My Chemical Romance, Slipknot, Linking Park, Eminem, Justin Bieber

Anthony: Linkin
Park, My Chemical Romance, Slipknot, Panic at the Disco, Justin Bieber, The
Brandan: My
Chemical Romance, Slipknot, Underoath
Nick: Slash/Guns
and Roses, Linkin Park, Third Eye Blind, Drake, Bieber, Eminem
Tim: My Chemical
Romance, I the Mighty, Relient K, Saosin, Taking Back Sunday, Periphery, Brand
Gage: My Chemical
Romance, Slipknot, John Mayer, Eminem, The Used

What do you enjoy most about playing shows?
Anthony: The
energy.  The feeling of performing on
stage in front of people is the greatest feeling in the world.  Seeing friends, family, and especially fans
supporting you makes all the hard work you put in day after day, night after
night worth while.  It’s what I live
for.  Music is my life and will always be
my passion.

What I
enjoy most about playing shows is putting on my costume and losing myself in
the music on stage with my best friends

It’s a hard
feeling to explain, but it’s such an incredible feeling being on stage and
letting go of all emotion and just doing what I love

I enjoy the
energy and sense of purpose I obtain from seeing people in the crowd enjoying
our set.  When you go from being the only
guy in the pit throwing down for every second of your friend’s band to
switching roles and joining that band and sharing the stage with them and see
other people going crazy and feeling the music you’ve created, it’s a feeling
of clarity

I love the
fact that I get to share something I’ve worked so hard on with others and the
energy.  There’s no feeling like it.

What do you do when you’re not playing music?
Anthony: When I
am not playing music (with Banshee), I am a full time music producer/ audio
engineer at my home studio, AC Studios.
I work with all different styles of music but primarily focus on Hip
Hop, Rap, Pop, and Alternative music.  I
also am an occasional gamer and play games such as Halo and Battlefront

I work
as a filmmaker and photographer.  I love
good storytelling; in music, television, films, and video games.  

When I’m
not playing music, I’m writing it.  If
I’m not writing it, I’m watching a movie or selling parts at the Lincoln
Dealership I am employed at

I am a
dedicated video game player with games such as the Assassin’s Creed series as
well as The Legend of Zelda franchise.
During the winter months I enjoy snowboarding.

I live the
nerd life.  Comic books, video games,
listening to music of some sort, or writing.

For more on The Banshee Pilot: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Get To Know:: BANDITS


Members: John Demitro, Lulu Demitro, Andrew Oakley
Genre: Hard Rock
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Recent Release: “Kill Tonight”

The first sentence I ever read that mentioned BANDITS said, “BANDITS
are a red-hot bowling ball, shot out of a homemade cannon into the side panel
of mid 80’s Ford Bronco.” A truer statement has never been written about the
band. This psychedelic, hard rock trio is practically melting faces with their
music. Their latest single, “Kill Today,” is a hard-hitting, groovy, kaleidoscopic masterpiece that encompasses all that BANDITS is: a badass band that you need
to have on your radar. Want to get to know the band? Keep on reading!

How did BANDITS form and come to be what it is today?
: I was in a high school band called Bassline. Towards the end of the band I invited Lulu to come play keyboard with us to fill things out. We realized how easy it was to write and collaborate as a sibling band and decided to make a new heavy rock band. That’s how it all started. We’ve played a ton of shows as BANDITS over the years and were introduced to new bands and sounds along the way that influenced us to experiment with new writing techniques and sounds.

Who are some of your musical influences – both as a band and individually?
As a band, we have a lot. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Mountain, Rose Hill Drive, Queens of the Stone Age, Dead Weather, The Sword, The Kills, EODM, Black Sabbath.

John: Queens of the Stone Age, Dead Weather, The Sword, The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Rose Hill Drive.

LuLu: QOTSA, The Kills, Arctic Monkeys, The Beatles , I’ve always loved Dr.Dog. Pretty much the same as John, because we grew up in the same house we shared a lot of the same influences.

Andrew:  I pull influence from older artists like Dr. John, Funkadelic, James Brown, The Meters, Art Blakey, Thelonious Monk, Robert Johnson, Howlin Wolf, Hank Williams, and Bob Dylan. I also listen to a lot of modern groups such as Unknown Mortal Orchestra, D’Angelo, Kendrick Lamar, The Roots, Sturgill Simpson, The Arcs, Tame Impala, Pond, Earthless, Black Angels, and Wilco. The list goes on forever, whatever sounds fresh and original!

What do you enjoy most about playing shows?
John: Getting onstage and just letting loose. Also playing the music you’ve written with ideas or emotions that you want to express. It’s cool to see how that gets interpreted at live shows. It’s an adrenaline rush.

LuLu: Playing all of our songs and performing out  is the most exciting part of being in a band. Being able to see how people react to what you’ve been working on and practicing is the best part, getting a crowd going and playing off their energy.

Andrew: I enjoy the chemistry and interaction between performers on stage and the exchange of energy with the crowd. I also appreciate the meditative aspect and focus that performing requires.

What do you do when you’re not playing music?
Work. Buy and sell stuff I find at garage sales, thrift stores. There’s lot’s of cool stuff to be found. I find a lot of vintage musical gear.

LuLu: I try to keep busy, we live in a beautiful place where its easy to be outside and find things to do. Love going to shows and seeing other local bands. I spend a good amount of time with my vinyl and adding to my collection!

Andrew: I am usually playing music, working as a drummer for other projects on the side. When I’m not doing that, I try to spend as much time outside in the wilderness as possible, wether its skiing, rock climbing, hiking, or just sitting in the woods.

For more on BANDITS: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Get To Know:: The Classic Kids


Members: Eric James, Max Dean, Matty
Boy, Mikey G
Genre: Retro Pop
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Recent Release: Forever Strong

Brooklyn four-piece, The Classic
Kids, are starting off 2016 with a bang. The band will be releasing their debut EP, Forever Strong, on January 15th and will be
playing an EP release show tomorrow at the
Bowery Electric
alongside Polar Planet, Don’t Believe In Ghosts and Johnny
Miller! Inspired by classic rock and pop culture, The Classic Kids create
infectious tunes that everyone is sure to love! Get to know more about The
Classic Kids below!

How did The Classic Kids form and
come to be what it is today?
We have known each other for years,
and also played together in past bands. After years of experimenting and
looking for our “sound”, we locked ourselves in a studio for months
until we created the overall vision for “The Classic Kids”

Who are some of your musical
influences – both as a band and individually?

As a band we really look up to
the Eagles and a lot of 80s pop culture bands such as A-Ha, Flock Of Seagulls,
The Police etc… Individual Eric has always been a fan of the Doors, Max
always learned AC/DC guitar licks, Matt grew up listening to Springsteen, and
Mike rocked out with The Eagles!

What do you enjoy most about playing

The overall experience between showing up to a new venue, meeting people
for the first time, and being able showcase your music and find a common ground
with the people that are listening. Also there is nothing like playing a live
show and rocking out with your best-friends!

What do you do when you’re not playing music?
When we are not
doing music we are just normal people. We love spending time together as a band
and friends and love going out to dinners & bars with our friends, kick it
back on the beach and play some frisbee and volleyball, and we LOVE watching

For more on the Classic Kids: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Get To Know:: The Millenium


Members: Matt Hasenmueller (Vocals), Kyle Culver (Guitar), Kyle Featherstone (Guitar, Keys)
Genre: Alt/Pop
Location: Eau Claire, WI
Recent Release: “Stay”

Some artists break into the
scene by starting things off slowly. They want to turn their band into a
household name, but they don’t want to put in the effort to build connections
and put out great music. The Millenium is not one of those bands. Only forming
in May of 2014, the Millenium quickly jumped into the scene by releasing new
music, playing tons of shows and going out to meet new people. Formed after
their two previous bands split, the Millenium is fully putting themselves out
there and receiving an incredible response in return. They recently released
the music video for their latest track, “Stay,” over on Alternative Press
(which you can see here)
and it’s safe to say we’ve been jamming out to it for the past month. Get to
know more about The Millenium below!

How did The Millenium form and come
to be what it is today?

We formed in
May 2014, after our two local bands, The Picture Perfect (Kyle Featherstone)
and The Last Semester (Matt Hasenmueller, Kyle Culver) had disbanded around the
same time. With of all us bringing different skill sets and expertise to the
table, it only seemed fitting to form out of the ashes of the former and create
something new.  

Who are some of your musical
influences – both as a band and individually?

We really have always aligned with anthemic bands like Coldplay,
The Killers, The 1975.

For us individually:
Kyle Culver: Absolutely Coldplay,
Sigur Ros, Billie Holiday
Kyle Featherstone: My biggest inspirations musically are
a lot of pianists and multi instrumentalists like Chris Martin from Coldplay,
Bryce Avary from The Rocket Summer, Josh Ramsay from Marianas Trench and Andrew
McMahon from Jack’s Mannequin.
Matt Hasenmueller: Max Bemis (Say Anything), Dan Campbell
(The Wonder Years, Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties).

What do you enjoy most about playing
It’s the idea when all of our preparation is showcased; hours of
rehearsing, writing, and the business side come together to give our friends
and fans the best live performance possible. It’s the chance to step away from
reality and be another side of yourself you may not be off stage. The angst,
raw emotion, sweat, and the interactions with fans…it’s really something

What do you do when you’re not playing music?
all have our days jobs, Kyle Culver is an active member in the community with
local creative projects. We really embrace the feeling of “home” when we are,
but the process of creating music is an on going and ever changing thing.

For more on the Millenium: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Get To Know: Lucky Jukebox Brigade


Members: Deanna DeLuke (Vocals, Baritone
Ukulele), Geppi Iaia (Bass), Chris Weatherly (Trumpet, Synth), Jimmy Affatigato (Guitar, Sax),
Michael DeMarco (Drums)
Genre: Indie Pop Punk
Location: Albany, NY
Recent Release: “Little

looks like it will be starting off on a great foot for indie pop punkers, Lucky Jukebox
Brigade. The band recently released a new single off their upcoming EP, Savage Fantastic, which will be released
on February 26th and we are pretty damn excited for it. The single,
“Little Fangs,” is a small introduction to the amazingness that is this band.
After years of releasing music and traveling as an 11-piece, Lucky Jukebox
Brigade has transformed into a 5-piece with beautiful harmonies, fun synth
beats, and carefree vibes which call for all around good feels! This is one band you NEED to have on your artists to watch list for 2016. Get to
know more about Lucky Jukebox Brigade below!

How did Lucky Jukebox Brigade form
and come to be what it is today
Deanna: In 2010, I was backpacking across
the country with my ukulele looking for the right people and the right
place to start a band. I ended up back here in Albany after Geppi found
a Craigslist ad I had posted.  In the beginning, I was all “the
more the merrier” and invited almost everyone I met who played
an instrument to join. There were 11 of us at one point
including someone who played a saw. We’ve gradually shapeshifted into
a 5 piece which has given our sound a lot more clarity and cohesion,
and it also means we can fit on a stage.

Who are some of your musical
influences – both as a band and individually?
Geppi: As a band, we definitely share some
influences and favorites – Coheed and Cambria, Beirut, The Dear
Hunter, Vampire Weekend, Rubblebucket, Arcade Fire. My favorite
bands, personally, are Cult of Luna, The Dear Hunter, and Every Time
I Die.

Every Time I Die is a huge
influence for me as well. Keith Buckley is my favorite lyricist. I also
love a lot of pop punk/punkesque bands like Taking Back Sunday, Saves The
Day, Brand New, Weezer…those are the bands that I grew up on. 

What do you enjoy most about playing
Geppi: I enjoy debuting new material at
shows. For me, it’s the best way to really pick apart the things I like or
dislike about a song. It’s easy to get excited about new material when I’m
in my car listening to our demos or writing bass parts, but when
I’m feeling a reaction from people outside of the writing process,
then I start to have a new perspective on our music and that makes
me happy.

I feel like a hypocrite saying this
because I’m the worst dancer I know…but I love when people dance.
Standing still is also cool though. No pressure or anything.  

What do you do when you’re not
playing music?
Deanna: When I’m not playing music, I’m
hanging out with my cats, writing more music, working to save up money so
we can record more music, and/or obsessively watching the
Food Network.  If it’s summer, I’m also swimming a lot. 

When I’m not playing music I’m
usually listening to music or looking up factoids about the music
industry. Whether it’s information about a band I like, a management
company’s client roster, an agent’s social media, or a record label’s
submission criteria, I’m usually just happy finding out more about the
industry side of music. I’m also a big video game nerd.  

For more on
Lucky Jukebox Brigade: WebsiteFacebook | Twitter

Get To Know:: The Drama State


Members: Ryan Diskey (Vocals), Ronnie Ish (Guitar, Vocals), Eric Hewitt (Guitar, Vocals), Ramsey Hall (Bass), Mike Babb (Drums)
Genre: Millennial Rock
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Recent Release: “It’s Starting To Hurt A Lot Like Christmas”

It’s safe to say that 2015 has been a great one for millennial rockers, The Drama State. This summer, the band released their EP, The Quiet Life, which was shared with fans on the Vans Warped Tour and included a track with The Dangerous Summer’s AJ Perdomo. Earlier this month, the band put out their cover of Shawn Mendes’ “Stitches” (which is probably my favorite one I’ve heard – check it out here) and has received nothing but a great response from fans! And now the band just put out an original holiday track, written by the lead singer Ryan Diskey, and explores the lonelier side of Christmas that many of us have dealt with. Next from the guys? A sophomore full-length that we cannot wait to hear. Get to know more about The Drama State below!

How did The Drama State form and come to be what it is today?
We had all been friends for a while. We came together with our ideas and decided that we wanted to be in a band that represented all of us better as people and musicians than what we had been doing previously.

Who are some of your musical influences – both as a band and individually?
As a band: Third Eye Blind, Jimmy Eat World, Anberlin.
Ryan: Jacob Dylan (The Wallflowers), Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy), Anberlin.
Ronnie: The Used, My American Heart, Taking Back Sunday.
Ramsey: Death Cab For Cutie, Brand New, Jimmy Eat World.
Eric: Story Of The Year, Glassjaw, Thrice.
Mike: Motley Crue, Matchbox 20, The Starting Line.

What do you enjoy most about playing shows?
Ryan: Meeting new people.
Ronnie: Sharing emotions.
Ramsey: Having fun.
Mike: Connecting with people.
Eric: dammit, those are all the things I was going to say ^

What do you do when you’re not playing music?
Collectively we are family and friends, pet, video game, fishing and outdoor, baseball, travel, social events and whiskey advocates. Some of us do a lot of those things, some of do little of those things BUT we all do those things.

For more on The Drama State: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Get To Know:: Mr Shiraz


Members: Mike ‘The Mike’ Mike, Tim Power, Blackula Spectacula, Stixx Destruction, New Boy
Genre: Groove punk rock
Location: Land of the Gods
Recent Release: 21 Grams 

Though a not-so-familiar name to most right now, Mr Shiraz is one to keep your eye on. The UK natives just released their newest EP, 21 Grams, less than two weeks ago. Filled with groovey electric punk sounds, the EP showcases Mr Shiraz’s fun, imaginative and ridiculous attitude in the best way possible. Get to know more about Mr Shiraz below!

How did Mr. Shiraz form and come to be what it is today?
: Shiraz has taken on various line up changes over the years and once included a brass section. The core has always been Tori and Mike. I joined back in 2006 and over the past couple of years Iain joined on drums and Steve on guitar. The line up now has so much energy and as a band are more creative than ever and the reason why we are still doing what we do is because we all love writing and playing music with each other.

Who are some of your musical influences – both as a band and individually?
: We all have similar bands that we listen to but also very different ones as well. Anything from weezer, pixies, ice cube, mastodon, the Bronx, Zeppelin, incubus, deftones, pearl jam. Mike got really into Gansta rap when we toured America. We were based in LA when we flew in and Mike basically joined a gang by accident. Be careful what colours you wear around him. He can sometimes be seen throwing gang signs.

What do you enjoy most about playing shows?
Tim: We spend a lot of time writing and rehearsing so when we get on stage it’s like an explosion of energy and excitement for people to hear us. We’ve played on stages all over the world and it doesn’t matter how big or small the stage or crowed we just have a blast. Playing live is and always has been the main reason for being in a band. It’s the end product of all the practicing, writing, travelling. Seeing people dance, jump up and down and sing your songs back at you is like no other feeling you can get from anything.

What do you do when you’re not playing music?
Mikey: We all have jobs, it’s the way of the world nowadays. Surely someone will one day give us a load of cash to do it full time. We’d be so good at that. My main job is as a music promoter. I book about 20 gigs a month for a venue called The Parish in our hometown, its a rad little place and has some killer acts coming through many who are far too big to play a venue so small. I also write and chef.

Tim (guitar) likes going on holiday. He’s wicked at it! He has had 17 this year, he also has a job but none of us are really too sure what it is, we doubt he actually knows. I know he has to dress smart for it.

Iain (drums) is a courier, he also likes riding and racing bikes and going really fast and also hitting things (typical drummer really). He has a crazed addiction to Costa coffee and energy drinks. You will never see him without one of these in his hands, even when racing his bikes.

Tori (bass) is manager of a cool little bar/bistro in Huddersfield called The Blue Rooms. She rules with an iron fist. She is also a philosophy genius. Tests have shown that Tori may also be the most intelligent person to ever walk the earth. True fact.

Steve (guitar) is a manager at a bar called Herberts, he also runs their acoustic nights, he’s very good at it. Like a none dead Michael Jackson playing an acoustic guitar. He is also very good at drinking. You can never really tell how drunk he is. With the rest of the band it’s very easy. I get hyper and take my pants off. Tim just laughs and pukes, Iain knocks peoples hats off (its really fucking annoying) but Steve you never can tell. Sneaky drunk hiding new boy!

For more on Mr Shiraz: Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp

Get To Know:: Isaiah Dominguez


Members: Isaiah Dominguez – Vocals/Guitar
Genre: Pop/Rock
Location: Seattle, WA
Recent Release: The Evergreen State (2.5.16)

The music scene can be intimidating for some musicians. For Isaiah Dominguez, clearly that is not the case. At only 14, Dominguez was playing shows in pop punk bands on and off for a few years. Now in his mid-20s, Dominguez has gone the solo route, working with producers Geoff Ott (3 Doors Down, Something Corporate) and Eric Lilavois (Saint Motel, My Chemical Romance). He now self-books tours, writes, records, and is about to release his first full band album, The Evergreen State this February. Get to know more about Isaiah Dominguez below!

How did you get your start and get to where you are today?
I started playing in a few pop/punk bands in Olympia, WA when I was in high school. The scene there was so new and alive to us back then. We didn’t really know how to go about doing thing the “right way” so we just played shows anywhere and everywhere we could! I’m talking from nasty/dank basements and public parks to actual music venues and festival events. We didn’t discriminate about who we played with either. We shared the stage with The Story So Far when they were splitting members with another band (I think it was called second to last). We shared the stage with bands that broke up a week later. If you brought friends and played music, it didn’t matter who you were. I think that was the spark that eventually ignited a fire when we discovered “hey, people are digging this!” Ever since then, I’ve been trying to take advantage of every opportunity I can to make music.

Who are some of your musical influences?
Oh boy… I have a smaller list of music that didn’t influence me! I guess a LOT of the music I listened to was all the pop/punk that was being released 2000-2004. Relient K, Brand New, Jimmy Eat World, Yellowcard, The Academy is…, Cartel, Taking Back Sunday, This Providence… the list is seriously huge. I also found a lot of inspiration in bands that were extremely local like Goodnight Sunrise, Turned Up Missing, and Bidwell. I think I identified with their journey because I was going through it at the time too.

What do you enjoy most about playing shows?
It depends on what type of show I’m playing. The intimate, acoustic ones I really enjoy because the connection with the audience is intense. You can win over or lose fans so quickly in those settings. The larger, full-band stuff I like because I get to interact with other musicians. I love hearing extremely talented musicians put their stamp on my music.

What do you do when you’re not playing music?
Work… but seriously! No, I love to go hiking and I’ve recently started really getting into photography. I know it sounds super Pacific Northwest-y, but I really do love doing both of those things. Other than that, I try to run as often as I can. I think that’s cause I think I have to, not really because I like it.

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Get To Know:: Jaeger Wells


Members: Jaeger Wells, Vic Chan
Genre: Indie Rock
Location: Houston, TX
Recent Release: Fever Dream Anthology EP

Talking about personal struggles is no easy task, but Jaeger Wells does so with such positivity that it should be admired. Discussing real life situations of love, loss and everything in-between, fans of Jaeger Wells are sure to feel comfort in knowing that they are not alone. His new EP, Fever Dream Anthology, was produced by Ace Enders and released just a few weeks ago! Get to know Jaeger and Vic (the masterminds behind Jaeger Wells) below!

How did Jaeger Wells form and come to be what it is today?
Jaeger: Initially when I went into the studio to record Fever Dream Anthology – I brought in Vic to do the session work. After spending 24 hours with each other – we realized the chemistry and I asked Vic to join full time.

Who are some of your musical influences?
Jaeger: I have always really loved the off kilter pop of Ben Folds Five and Barenaked Ladies as well as the really unique songwriting of Neil Diamond. Mix that with artists like Jimmy Eat World and Ted Leo – I think that really sums up my creative influences.

Vic: I’d say my all time favorite drummer would have to be Dave Grohl of course. Abe Cunningham (Deftones) is another influence for sure. As far as favorite bands go, it would have to be Foo Fighters, Every Time I Die, and Jimmy Eat World.

What do you enjoy most about playing shows?
Jaeger: definitely getting in the zone and just letting the music take over. It almost feels like an out of body experience.

Vic: I’d say one of my favorite things about playing shows is seeing how the crowd reacts to songs.  Especially if they know the words.  Probably one of the best feelings is hearing the crowd sing back to you.

What do you do when you’re not playing music?
I like to watch a fair amount of soccer, MLS, Premier League, etc. I also am a huge fan of watching movies. Over the years I have gotten really close to some people in the film industry and it really has made the movie watching experience more enjoyable

Vic: I play and tour in other bands as well so when I’m home I tend to not leave the house very often.  I mostly just stay at home with my wife and watch tons of Hulu and Netflix.

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