GirlTalk with Amanda Markley

The stage can be a place of opportunity for musicians, or any performers, to put on a sort of mask and act somewhat different than they would on social media or in their day-to-day lives. Seattle based singer/songwriter Amanda Markley shares with us how that is exactly what she wants to stay away from. She tells us, “I want my fans and followers to see the real me, and I try to stay authentic to myself when I am choosing what to wear or what to post.” Staying true to who she is, Markley has taken over this edition of GirlTalk as a guest blogger, sharing her taste in fashion both on and off the stage. Check out her post below and let us know what YOU feel most comfortable in by tweeting us at @_lucyoutloud!


What you wear is one of the first things people notice about you and it should be a reflection of who you are, but should also be something that makes you feel comfortable and empowered.

When I’m not performing, my style could be described as very casual. This winter I spent most of my days in black leggings, a comfy sweater, and nikes.  I’m more of a jeans and a
t-shirt girl than a dress and heals girl for sure, but I do like to dress up every once in a while and get extra girly. I will also be the first to admit that I wear more black and grey than any other colors. You don’t have to worry about always wearing brand names either if you’re trying to dress like a rockstar. The best fashion advice I’ve ever received is to take one nice piece of clothing and create an outfit around it using pieces that you found on a budget. It can be so hard to keep up with whatever the current trend is of the
day, but I believe that the most important thing is to find a style that suits your personality, and that you love, no matter what other people think about it. When you feel good about your style, and are comfortable in your own skin, you feel stronger and more confident all around.


Photoshoots are where I get to really go all out and where things that I would never think about wearing in my everyday lifestyle. I am very lucky because my sister, Michelle Moore, is an extremely talented photographer, and I love shooting with her. When we get together for a photoshoot, we can let our imaginations go wild and dream up amazing themes, like our last set which was inspired by the show Vikings. Living in the Pacific Northwest helps a ton as well because there are so many beautiful places to explore and take pictures. My favorite brand to wear is Free People because their clothes are so dreamy and always seem to fit my style.


Being onstage is where I feel the most empowered and I feel like it’s where I truly belong. I wouldn’t want to hide who I am when I am up there performing. Some days I feel like being more casual, while others I’ll feel like dressing it up with nice boots or an edgy leather jacket. When I was on tour I kept it more casual, wearing my converse or vans
everyday, even wearing a hat onstage at times. To me, it is more important to show the world who I really am rather than trying to make myself look like the other singers I see out there. When it comes to me and what I’m wearing, it’s 100% me, never a mask of what the world wants to see.

Premiere:: “Cold (Revisited)” – Amanda Markley


We are thrilled to share that we have teamed up with the incredibly talented Amanda Markley to premiere her latest single, “Cold (Revisited).” Much like the weather in the city she calls home, this stripped-down version of Seattle vocalist Amanda Markley’s “Cold” is dark, damp, and dreary. But lowered temperatures and tempos come with plenty of chills, and Markley’s aching voice sends shivers running over your skin. “‘Cold’ is a song about longing and sadness,” Markley states, “and I wanted to revisit it because I connect so closely to its lyrics. I wanted to record a version where the raw emotions I was feeling in the lyrics match the way they’re delivered.”

Markley has been hard at work over the last few weeks, diligently writing and recording her self-titled EP, which will be released May 6th. The five-track EP, which was written and produced with the help of some fellow Washington-based artists (Adamm Mitchell, Chase Manhattan, Matt Bacnis, and Chloe Hendrickson), features this revisited single. Whether it’s the fuller version or its gray counterpart, “Cold” is sure to please and Markley is poised for something special. Don’t believe us? Give “Cold (Revisited)” a listen below!

Following the release of her brand new EP, Markley will be heading to Nashville to record a few songs with singer/songwriter/producer Will Pugh (Cartel) and fans should keep their eyes peeled on a possible duet in the near future! To stay caught up on Amanda Markley and all her music making magic, check out her socials below.

Amanda Markley:: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |  YouTube

Isaiah Dominguez Announces New EP

Seattle pop-rocker, Isaiah Dominguez, has announced the release of his new EP, The Evergreen State. To be released on February 5th, the EP is Dominguez’s first full band release and features notable Northwest-area artists including Gavin Phillips (This Providence) and singer/songwriter Amanda Markley. When discussing The Evergreen State, Dominguez had this to say, "I think the greatest part about this record is that it’s 100% real. These songs have actual, tangible people/places/feelings behind them. I felt the best way to present a record with that type of weight was through raw, un-autotuned, live rock n roll. In creating it, I think I was finally able to find my sound and voice the long overdue Thank You’s to a region that’s supported my dreams from the very beginning.“ 

Below you can find the artwork and track listing for The Evergreen State!

1. Run
2. The Closer [ft. Joe Butterfield]
3. 16 [ft. Amanda Markley]
4. Evergreen State
5. Landlocked

Bonus Tracks:
Don’t Forget (Acoustic)
No Matter Where [ft. Gavin Phillips]