5 Questions With: COIN [SXSW Edition]

We spoke with one of our new favorite bands, COIN, about their upcoming tour dates with Passion Pit and Neon Trees, their experience at South By Southwest, and what we can expect next from the band. Check out the interview below!

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5 Questions With: Jukebox The Ghost [SXSW Edition]

We recently caught up with Jukebox The Ghost to talk about their Conan performance, their experience at South By, and what fans can expect next from the band! Check out our interview with guitarist and vocalist, Tommy Siegel, below!

This one’s not so much a question as it is a statement, but you (just a little while ago) posted your summer tour with Ingrid Michaelson – that’s huge, congrats! How excited are you about that experience?

We are really excited about it!  We’ve never done a tour on that scale – The biggest shows we’ve done in the states have been clubs (and theaters at the absolute largest).  This tour is on the gigantic-outdoor-ampitheater end of the spectrum, and we are really looking forward to that totally insane new experience. In addition, Ingrid and her band are just fantastic people all-around, so we know the tour is gonna be a blast even before it starts.

You performed on Conan a month or two back, and then you were on VH1 earlier
this month – do you prep yourselves any different for a TV performance than you
would for a live show?

Not particularly.  The thing about touring is that you already know you’re going to have to play in a lot of wildly different situations – Sometimes you play to 30 people and sometimes you play to 3,000.  Sometimes you’re opening the show to a somewhat-disinterested crowd, sometimes you’re playing at a radio station for a single DJ and sometimes you play to a ton of your own enthusiastic fans.  Playing on a TV performance feels more like playing to an intimate/confused crowd than it feels like playing to the millions you’re actually performing for – The key is to make sure you don’t totally screw it up.  Which I kinda did on Conan.  Thankfully you can’t hear the guitar very well in the first post-chorus.  Phew!

Since South By Southwest is filled with tons of incredible acts, were you excited to catch any artists in particular? Did you stumble across any new artists that you are now a fan of?

South by Southwest is such a crazy event that it’s hard to find the time to see other stuff, so it’s best to just go with the flow – You might have three or four hours between showcases and I’ve found the best tactic is to check the schedule only at the last minute so you don’t get too let down. Thankfully, this year I got to catch Deerhoof (they’re my favorite band).

This one is a two parter, so here we go: The doodles you post online always seem to go over really well – A.) What’s the weirdest one that someone has requested? B.) If there could be one band/artist/celebrity you’d want to request a doodle from you, who would you want?

A. Someone requested us as the characters in Fifty Shades of Grey, which I imagined for a few minutes and then politely declined.

B. I would LOVE to draw a doodle from Cher, which is somewhat realistic because she spends an amazing amount of time on Twitter.

What can fans expect next from Jukebox The Ghost?

More touring this summer!  We’re excited to hit the road with Ingrid Michaelson for  May/June.  After that, who knows?  I’d love to start working on a new record before the year is over

5 Questions With: Fictionist [SXSW Edition]

We spoke with Utah rockers, Fictionist, about their crazy tour schedule, the possibility of new music, and their preparation for performances! Check out our interview with vocalist, Stuart Maxfield, below!

You guys have been crazy busy over the last 6-7 months. You toured with Neon Trees, released your self-titled album, toured with Mates of State, and performed at South By Southwest. What keeps you guys so driven to constantly be on the road and taking so many things on?
Fascination and obsession.  Fear of creative claustrophobia.  I need adventures.  

Fictionist was elected by New Music Seminar as an “Artist on The Verge, Class of 2015,” as well as Salt Lake City Weekly’s “Best Band of 2015” – congrats, by the way. We can only assume that 2015 will be an incredible year for you guys. What are you most looking forward to this year? Some more touring? A new album? 
We are going to be touring the self titled primarily this year.  We’ll be out with Neon trees again, and doing a number of higher profile one offs.  We are constantly writing and while we don’t have a firm release date in mind for the next record we defiantly aren’t waiting around to get working on it.  The new record is one of our primary focuses.

When you released your self-titled album, you mentioned that the concept of the album art had to do with the “overarching lyric theme” that can be seen throughout the album. Which track off that album was most meaningful to you and why?  
To me, I like the simplicity of miss you but I also appreciate the imagery and eloquence of can’t get enough. Difficult to narrow that down.  I can say that lyrics are important for me
and I have a hard time proceeding with a song until I feel the lyrics are resonating in a cool way.  

South By Southwest is filled with tons of incredible acts, were you excited to catch any artists in particular? Did you stumble across any new artists that you are now a fan of?
We went to all the Sego shows and had a fantastic time.  They are one of our favorite up and coming groups.    

You’re no stranger to playing festivals, having previously performed at CMJ and South By Southwest last year. Do you guys prepare differently for festivals versus any other show you would normally play?
The only thing thats different is how insane take down and set up is.  We try to trim down to accommodate to  rushed sound checks etc.   We make a special point to always do our thing regardless of the venue or festival.  

5 Questions With: The Maine [SXSW/SBSW Edition]

The guys of The Maine have been crazy busy lately, performing at both South By Southwest and South By So What?!, releasing their new album in just a few days, and heading out on the American Candy tour. We caught up with guitarist, Jared Monaco, about what they’ve been up to, what it was like performing at both South By festivals, and the band’s new album! Check out the interview below!

So we talked with you guys a while back, on the Anberlin tour. Other than the album, what’s new?
Right now we’re at home preparing for the American Candy tour! As I write this, I’m in the middle of fixing up a couple of my guitars to bring on the road.

Not only did you play South By So What?! this past weekend, but you also played South By Southwest. What is the difference in atmosphere between the two
festivals? Do you have a preference in which you prefer playing?
I think South by Southwest has become this weird blend of music and branding and tech stuff and corporate sponsors and yada yada. It’s cool to be there and play a show, but I don’t think we have any interest in impressing labels or agents or any of the industry related stuff that goes with it. Our goal is to play a show for anyone willing to
watch. We were lucky enough to play at Emo’s in Austin, which is isolated from
the hustle and bustle of the main events. It was a great show! South by So What
was cool too! It was rainy and outdoors and messy, but it was punk rock, it was
just a throw-and-go kind of show. I think I lean more towards club shows, but I
don’t mind a rainy festival too.

People seem pretty excited for the new record and singles that have been released thus far. How have you all felt about the initial reaction?
Personally, I’m fired up. It’s nice to be releasing new material, and it’s a bonus to see it received so well. I’ve had such a positive attitude towards these songs ever since we finished the album in Joshua Tree. To me, I felt like I could sense how our fans would react
to the new stuff. After releasing 2 tracks already, I just want to keep this momentum and keep moving forward. All good vibes.

Since both South By So What?! and South By Southwest is filled with tons of incredible acts, were you excited to catch any artists in particular? Did you stumble across any new artists that you are now a fan of?
Yeah! I watched Title Fight at South By So What. It was rad. I love their new album. Also, our good friends in Mayday Parade! Love running into that group of hunks.

American Candy is being released in just a few days. Is there one song on the new album that you’re most proud of or you’re the most excited for people to hear? If so, what song is it and why?
I really love the title track, “American Candy”. It started out as a mid-tempo, piano-based tune, and we had this idea to make it as loud and as rocking as possible. It became more of an anthemic vibe instead, and I think lyrically it conveys one of the strongest messages on the album.

5 Questions With: Fire From The Gods [SBSW Edition]

We spoke with Austin natives, Fire From The Gods, about their experience at South By So What?!, The Alumni Tour, and the best advice they’ve been given! Below is our interview with vocalist, AJ Channer!

You guys are actually
from Austin, TX, so South By So What?! is almost like a hometown show for you
guys. Was there any pressure in putting together a better performance because
of this?
The show totally felt like a hometown
show. There were so many bands on the bill that we have played with on the
past. We each had to step it up when we played in front of our friends as well
the folks from Texas that know the music but haven’t seen fire live!

For those that aren’t aware, Fire From The Gods was chosen to join The Alumni
Tour from over 1000 unsigned bands. Can you tell us a little about the tour and
what your reaction was to learning that you guys had been chosen as the tours
It was a huge honour. We played the
first leg of the Alumni tour earlier this year so we were pumped to play the
2nd leg as well. We have been involved in the headbang program for about a year
now and there are some incredible local artist involved in the headbang set up.
So it was huge for us to get the slot.

What act were you most excited to catch at South By So What?! and did they meet
your expectations?
Oh man there were a lot of bands I
wanted to see all weekend but I was most stoked for Norma Jean and  Beartooth. Perfect blend of heavy with
hardcore roots.

You guys are all about diversity and not fitting into any cookie-cutter mold,
which definitely plays a role into how successful you guys have been thus far.
Everyone has a different way of defining how and when they make it, whether it’s
a radio single or playing sold-out shows. How do you measure your success?
We are pumped on everything right now
as well as all the buzz surrounding the band.
We are still just scratching surface with a lot more to go. Diversity is
a huge part of fire from the gods but we will see in a few years where the
sound is and how that impacts our success.

The list of performers you have played alongside is extremely impressive and
includes acts such as Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, Of Mice and Men, The Devil
Wears Prada, Five Finger Death Punch, etc. What is the best advice that one of
those bands has given you?
Great question. Chris met Corey
Taylor at Knotfest and he told Chris to just smile and wave. Most of the dudes
you meet in bigger bands always say the same thing stay humble and  stay busy.

5 Questions With: Fatherson [SXSW Edition]


One of our “50 Acts You Won’t Want To Miss At SXSW” included Scottish alternative rockers, Fatherson. We spoke with the guys about formingthe band, their tour with Enter Shikari, and their experience at South By
Southwest! Check out our interview below!

You guys formed
Fatherson at only 17 years old. What inspired you guys to form a band and begin
creating music together?
We were actually younger than that
when we decided to play music together, I think we just got bored and wanted to
start something that our friends back home were doing. When we were growing up
the scene in our hometown of Kilmarnock was really strong and it inspired us to
start playing. Then after that we just learned off of each other and found that
we really enjoyed what we were doing.

Last month you hit the road in the UK with post hardcore band, Enter Shikari,
which sounds like an incredible tour. How was that experience like and what is
the best advice that they gave you?
The most surreal part of that tour
was that since we were young we almost idolised Enter Shikari, with only a
slight influence on the music we play, but getting to see them every night was
incredible. They have always been my favourite live band, and with the
combination of a crazy light show and an awesome new album they seemed
unstoppable on the mindsweep tour. I think the best advice they gave us was
just to enjoy what you do, some people will love it and some will hate it, just
play with harder for the people that love it and hope that it’s hard enough to
turn a few heads of the haters.

South By Southwest is filled
with tons of incredible acts, were you excited to catch any artists in
particular? Did you stumble across any new artists that you are now a fan of?
I was really excited to see Chon
when we were over but unfortunately scheduling made it impossible to catch them
which was a shame, but we did get to see one of our favourite bands More than
conquerors a couple of times over the week. We did however discover a band from
Norway called “cold mailman” and a japanese band called “LITE” that was
awesome. I am also now addicted to “Seinabo Sey” after seeing her in the Hype

You guys are actually from
Glasgow, Scotland, which has its own impressive music scene. What do you think
is the biggest difference between playing shows in Scotland versus in the
We were born and raised slightly
south of Glasgow in a place called Kilmarnock, but we have been living and
operating out of Glasgow for a while now and being a part of the scene here has
been incredible. I think that the states is very similar to play in, which is
possibly why Scottish artists seem to be so well received across the pond.
Every show we played in the states over the last few weeks and when we were
over a couple of years ago for Yellowphone music conference have been awesome
and we’ve met so many awesome people who were into what were doing. It feels
like people embrace music the same way in America as they do back home, which
is a great thing.

Your debut full-length was
released in April of last year. Is there any new music in the works, possibly a
new album? If so, what information can you share with us about it?
We are currently just writing new
material, and seeing what we are going to do with it in the future. You never

5 Questions With: Dylan Gardner [SXSW Edition]

We’ve been fans of Dylan Gardner for over a year now and the talent this kid has is incredibly impressive. At only 18, Dylan is currently signed to Warner Bros. Records and will be taking over the world by storm; we don’t doubt it one bit. We spoke with Dylan about what got him into music, some performances he was able to catch at SXSW, and the struggles of being a young performer! Check out our interview with Dylan below!

We’ve been huge fans
since we first received your album last summer and were absolutely intrigued
with how passionate you are about music. What first gave you the push to begin
writing and playing music?
Thank you! Well, I’ve been performing
music since I was a non-lucid child! I started my musical journey as a drummer
wanting to be like my brother and as I grew up I was attracted to more melodic
instruments like guitar and piano. When I moved to Arizona in 2010, I just sat
down and wrote my first fully realized song in the first couple days I lived
there, for no reason. When the family heard the song through the door, they
encouraged me to keep writing. Ever since then I’ve been writing as many songs
as I can imagine!

Since South By Southwest is filled with tons of incredible acts, were you
excited to catch any artists in particular? Did you stumble across any new
artists that you are now a fan of?
Of course. This is my first time at
SXSW and just looking at the bills of the shows I’m playing on I wanted to see
the bands before and after me. I wanted to catch acts like Spoon, Win Butler,
the Zombies, the Residents etc. but on the road with my schedule unfortunately
there’s just no time. *sad face* Next time though!

Not only are you a singer, but you’re also a songwriter and
multi-instrumentalist AND you signed to Warner Bros. Records shortly after your
album was released independently. Everyone has a different way of defining how
and when they make it, whether it’s a radio single or playing sold-out shows.
How do you measure your success?
Success to me is when someone who
hasn’t heard the record has an opinion on it. But honestly I don’t try to
justify or measure any kind of success; I just hope people will hear the record
and come have a fun experience with me at the shows! Sometimes unsuccessful
bands have radio singles, and bands that play sold out shows don’t have a radio
single. I say save yourself the headache and instead worry about what kind of
string arrangements you want on your next record.

Being that you are only 18 and there are tons of venues that do have age
restrictions, have you ever had any issues with getting into one of your own
I have this issue all the time haha
I’ve also missed a shameful amount of legendary shows do to my age. I hate it.
I hate age restricted shows. No, I don’t want your stupid liquor I just want to
watch Grouplove burn down the Crescent Ballroom on stage, is that such a
problem? Even some shows on this tour have been 21+, so technically I’m not
allowed to be at my own show!

Though you released your album initially in May of 2014, it was released via
Warner Bros. Records in October of 2014. Are you currently working on a new
album? If so, can you tell us a little about it?
As a songwriter, I’m constantly thinking
about the future and the next album to the nth power. Yes, a second album is in
the works. I look forward to making the next record more than anything else in
my life. Growing up, I’ve always known of the responsibility that comes with
making your second record. People say you get your whole life to make your
first record. I say for me it’s the second.

5 Questions With: Redlands [SBSW Edition]

Redlands recently released the first track off their
upcoming EP, Adventurer, and it’s absolutely addicting. Don’t believe us?
Listen to it
for yourself. The band had an impressive 2014 with releasing
their debut EP, performing at a few dates of the Vans Warped Tour and recording
their sophomore EP (to be released this June). This year is shaping up to be just as great with the band playing South By So What?! – needless to say, this is a band you want to keep on your radar. We spoke with the guys about
their new music, their motivation to tour, and their experience at South By So
What?!. Check out the interview below!

In addition to South
By So What?!, you guys have also performed at the Vans Warped Tour. Do you guys
prepare differently for festivals versus any other shows you would normally
Yes and no, there’s not the usual
allotted amount of time like you get when you play a regular theater show so
you have to pretty much be ready to throw your stuff on stage and go.

What act were you most excited to catch at South By So What?! and did they meet
your expectations?
We all love Circa Survive from our
high school days and I don’t think any of us anticipated the show and
performance they would put on. They’re incredible musicians and performers.

It’s been over a year since you guys have released an EP, but you’ve announced
that your new EP, Adventurer, will be
released this June. What sound can fans expect to hear and what else can you
tell us about it?
Some of the songs on this EP are very
different from The Lonewolf EP, but at the same I think there’s similarities
you’ll see tying it together. Expect to hear more indie pop influences, big
guitars, tasteful acoustics, and driving drums. This album showcases yet
another side of our art which we’re very capable of and we can’t be more pumped
to share it.

On top of performing at South By and releasing some new music, you guys just
finished a short tour. What keeps you guys motivated to stay so busy?
You know, we simply love what we do
and we treat this more than just a hobby or any kind of job. This band is a
life for us and continuously pushing it forward is something that helps us feel
like we have meaning to our lives. Making a year plan on a shared google
document is definitely something that keeps us working towards greater things,
staying motivated, and realistic at the same time.

What can fans expect to see next from Redlands?
Well besides our new release
Adventurer coming out, we’ll be heading out on a summer west coast tour in
June/July followed by a fall tour out east. We have a few other things in
between for the inter-webs we’ll be working on as well. Come late fall we plan
on working on a few singles with two different producers we all envy, so it’ll
be a busy year for us nonetheless.

5 Questions With: Hotel Books [SBSW Edition]

It’s rare to come across a new band nowadays that will make
you think “damn – these guys are so different, but so damn great!” Well, that’s
where Hotel Books came in. A spoken word, indie rock band out of Porterville,
CA, Hotel Books has become one of my new favorite bands. We got to chat with
vocalist, Cam Smith, about their new album their writing process, and their experience
at South By So What?!. Check out our interview with Cam below!

You guys are one of
the more unique bands that we’ve heard in a while for the very reason that
you’re a spoken word, indie rock band. What gave you guys the push to form a
not so average band?

First off, thank you! I don’t think we
ever sat down and said “Let’s do something different.” I just loved writing
poetry and decided to use music and concerts as the platform in which I share
my poetry. Through the years, the musicians have come and gone, and I think
this latest installment of Hotel Books is the most diverse band we’ve ever
been. Dan comes from an emo/ indie background, Kaleb comes from heavy music,
and Andy comes from alternative country. I guess the uniqueness comes more from
synergy than anything else.

On top of the new album, you guys
recently toured with Hearts Like Lions before playing at South By So What?! and
you’re about to hit the road with Defeater for a month-long nationwide tour. Do
you guys prepare differently for festivals versus any other shows you would
normally play?

Yes and no. With SBSW, it was tough going
from playing forty minutes each night to a twenty minute set. As far as our
mindsets go, we try to approach every show the exact same way; Let’s play the
best we can and communicate our message of Love as honestly as we can.

You will be releasing your new album,
Run Wild, Young Beauty, on April 7th via InVogue Records. What track is your
favorite or most meaningful to you and why?

This is a very hard question to answer.
My favorite song changes quite often as I grow and face different
circumstances. As of right now, my favorite song would probably be “Constant
Conclusions” but I think the most meaningful song to me would be “I Died With
You”. That song meant a lot to us when we wrote it, and now that I have grown,
I have found even more meaning in it.

What act were you most excited to catch
at South By So What?! and did they meet your expectations?

We were very excited to see Hawthorne
Heights play “The Silence in Black and White” in full. I caught that set a
couple times last year and could not wait to see it again. I was very excited
to catch Cartel, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and The Maine. All those bands put
on a great set, even in the pouring rain. We caught a few bands that we weren’t
expecting to see but really enjoyed; Roam, Dear You, and Chon being a few!

I think my favorite aspect to you guys’
music is how you can really hear your emotions in a song – whether it be anger
or passion or love, etc. What is the process like for putting together a spoken
word song?

I write the lyrics. Dan, Kaleb and Andy
write the music. Sometimes I take a poem to them and they work out
instrumentals around it, and sometimes I hear an instrumental and think “I have
the perfect poem for this” while other times I am so moved by a song that I
write brand new lyrics. When recording, we try to do all vocals in one take. On
Run Wild, Young Beauty, nine of the twelve songs were tracked in one vocal
take. I like to get into the zone, channel the emotions as honestly as I can,
and pour it out steadily. I feel it’s a lot easier to capture the emotion when
all we focus on is emotion, rather than melodies, staying in key, and other
elements that singers deal with.

For more on Hotel Books: Website | Facebook | Twitter

5 Questions With: Typesetter [SXSW Edition]

Included in our “50 Acts You Won’t Want To Miss At SXSW”
feature, Typesetter’s punk/indie rock sound had us interested upon first
listen. We spoke with the guys about their signing to Black Numbers last year,
preparation for South By, and some performances they were able to catch. Check
out our interview with the band below!

Last year, you guys
signed to Black Numbers and released your debut album in October. The album has
been receiving great responses, being referred to by some as an album that
you’d have on constant repeat, and we completely agree with that. What was the recording
process like and what was your favorite aspect of it?
Recording Wild’s End was a crazy,
wonderful whirlwind. Black Numbers took the plunge and signed us, we were
touring consistently, our drummer had decided to part ways and we had about 6
weeks to finish writing and get Stephen up to speed. About a week before
tracking, our engineer, Peter Carparelli, called me to let me know that he had
a brain tumor. Being a total bad ass, Pete said “so we might have to push
it back a week or two.” Pete is literally tough as nails, he’s got screws
in him from a bike accident and he still rides daily, but we didn’t have any
time to push back. We contacted Jeff Dean, who plays guitar in All Eyes West
and has produced a ton of awesome records, and I distinctly remember him saying
that he wanted to do the record as much for Peter as he did for us.

Wild’s End is a collection of tunes that were written as far as 18 months
before recording; it’s a messy sporadic ride through the first two years of a
band finding themselves, and I love it. We took a lot of chances in the
songwriting and tried every idea that came to mind. Tonally it’s fantastic,
Jeff and Jon Drew (mastering engineer) did an incredible job. Everyone
involved, in every step, from our first drummer Adam, to Dave at Black Numbers,
has put a touch on it and we couldn’t be prouder. And Pete’s fine; Wild’s End
is dedicated to him.

This was your first time performing at South By Southwest. Did you guys prepare
differently for South By versus playing any other show you would normally play

Typesetter approaches every situation differently, whether it’s a city or
festival we’ve played a million times before, or a melting pot like SXSW. We
always focus on making every single show that Typesetter plays the best show

Typesetter had never been to SXSW, so
it was definitely a wild learning experience. We had a total blast, got to
party with some homies and see our friends bands, wander around Austin, drink
Lone Star and slam vegan food from trucks. Shout out to Arlo’s, Frank and the
Vegan Yacht. One of the highlights of South By was the Ground Floor Booking
Showcase. Rey from GFB does a great job booking and every single band was

You guys have been touring quite a
bit lately and even announced that you would be releasing another batch of tour
dates later this week. What keeps you guys so driven to tour nonstop?
At a very basic level, we’re all
driven to play music every day. Even on our days off when we should relax, we
lament not getting to play. There’s also an aspect of wanderlust, of desiring a
nomadic lifestyle, of meeting new people and seeing new places. Practically,
however, consistent touring is the way that bands survive now. You make money
and spread your name by playing out and selling merch; you have to bring your
records to people rather than assume a label or store is going to shove it in
their face. To us it just makes sense: it’s what we want to do and what keeps
propelling us forward, to new fans and friends. We strive to write awesome tunes
and put on a great show, and we want to bring that show to everyone.  

Being that South By Southwest is
filled with tons of incredible acts, were you excited to catch any artists in
particular? Did you stumble across any new artists that you are now a fan of?

All Eyes West, Lifted Bells, Creepoid, What Moon Things, The Spits, Alaska,
Daddy Issues, Hard Girls, Closet Drama, Paul Cherry, Sidewalk Chalk, Mild High
Club… homies old and new. I wish I would’ve gotten to see Run the Jewels,
Waxahatchee, Chance the Rapper and BoneLang.

What can we expect next from Typesetter? Possibly new music in the works?
There will definitely be new
Typesetter music this year. We have a lot of plans and will be releasing music
in a variety of formats this year. There will definitely be a split with a rad
New York band. We’re playing Pouzza Fest in Montreal, Death to False Hope Fest
in Durham, The Fest in Gainesville again and we’re touring Europe this year.
Keep your eyes and ears peeled, and catch us at a show – we want to hang out
with you.