19 Songs To Hear From May 2016

We asked our staff to choose some of their favorite tracks released last month to create our May playlist! This month’s playlist features songs from some of our favorite artists including The Downtown Fiction, 3OH!3, PUP, and Thrice.

Check out the full list and Spotify stream below! What songs stood out to you last month? What songs do you want to see on this month’s playlist? Let us know by shooting us a tweet at @_lucyoutloud!

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Review:: Fukushimarama! | SIIINES


If you like 3OH3!, Ellie Goulding, RiFF RaFF, HYPERCRUSH

It’s a Friday night and you’re a little buzzed while waiting in line at the club with your friends. Your hair is long, your shoes are rad, your outfit is killer and you are ready to take on the night. When you walk inside there is a pounding pouring out of the speaker that throws you off but is intimidating at the same time. Drinks are had, there is a lot of dancing and you are in a daze as you head home after a long night of rowdy activity knowing there will be a hell of a hangover tomorrow. This is what it feels like to listen to Fukushimarama! by Los Angeles electro-rock band SIIINES.

SIIINES are an in your face aggressive electronic band with EDM booming through the veins of their music.  Made up of two members, Travis Nesbitt and Morgan Gies, they have previously released an EP called Disk0sno earning them an Edmonton Music Award for ‘Best Electronic Release.’ In 2013 while starting work on Fukushimarama! they focused more on celebrity, drugs, sex, and money as their content.

The first cut on the five-track album is called “God I hate Clubs” but could not be more perfect for one. This album fits right alongside the EDM popularity and I would not be surprised if I heard it at a rave. Although it can be repetitive at times, EDM comprises that element and makes it work to their advantage. When asked about the EP Gies stated, “It’s about watching the world burn and dancing in the flames. YOLO!” If you decide to give this album a listen be ready to boogie. You can catch the duo on tour this year.

Release Date: February 11, 2014
Rating: 4/5
Run Time: 18:17

Track list:
1. God I Hate Clubs
2. Whelps (Feat. Carol-Lynne Quinn)
3. Kanye West
4. Inhuman Nature
5. Breathe

Travis Nesbitt
Morgan Gies

Written By: Chelsea Conte


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