Daughtry prepare to rattle the cage

It’s been over two years since Grammy nominated and multi-platinum selling band Daughtry released some new tunes, but guess what? The band is back with a new single and the announcement of their upcoming album, Cage To Rattle. Set for release on July 27th via 19 Recordings/RCA Records, the album is said to be the most challenging release from the band. Frontman Chris Daughtry shares, “It’s a musical stew we’ve been cooking up for more than 2 years and we can’t wait to satisfy the appetites of our amazing fans who’ve been patiently waiting for this record!”

From the album comes lead single, “Deep End,” which you can listen to above! Are you ready to rattle the cage with Daughtry? Pre-order the album and get “Deep End” here!

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Eisley announces collection of acoustic and re-imagined tracks

Sometimes all you need in life is a new perspective. This is something Texas indie rockers Eisley took into consideration when working on their upcoming release, I’m Only Dreaming…Of Days Long Past. The newly announced album will include a collection of acoustic and re-imagined versions of their 2017 album of the similar name, I’m Only Dreaming.


Track listing:

1. Always Wrong
2. Defeatist
3. A Song For The Birds
4. Sparking
5. My Best Friend
6.  Rabbit Hole
7. Louder Than a Lion
8. You Are Mine
9. When You Fall
10. Snowfall
11. Brightest Fire

Set for release on July 20th, 2018 via Equal Vision Records and produced by Will Yip, Eisley hopes that this album will allow the band to make new memories with fans. Sherri DuPree-Bemis and Garron Dupree explain, “We hope that this collection of re-depicted songs finds you wherever you are at in your life and allows you to see that there is always a new perspective – a new perspective on love, on pain, on the brightest times and the darkest times.” Get a taste of the album with “A Song for the Birds – Acoustic” below!


Bad Rabbits return with “F On The J-O-B” and announce new album

Acclaimed R&B trio Bad Rabbits haven’t released new music in over two years, but just yesterday the band announced Mimi, a 7-track album set for release on August 10th. From the record comes their newest single titled “F on the J-O-B.” The track is in support of the Time’s Up and #MeToo movements, featuring an animated video that addresses sexual harassment in the workplace. Vocalist Fredua Boakye shares, “The song and the video shame and mock the men who feel entitled to sex just because they are attracted to a woman.”

The video also introduces fans to Mimi who’s described in a recent press release as a “fictional short-haired, dark-skinned, social media-obsessed, voluptuous vixen.” Her character is one that can be found as the center of the album as she represents a modern manic pixie dream girl.

You can check out the album art and track listing for Mimi below. Fans can also purchase a limited edition vinyl copy of “F on the J-O-B,” available for purchase on June 8th.

unnamed (5)


Mimi Track listing:

1. Mimi
2. F on the J-O-B
3. Mysterious
4. Ain’t A Crime
5. Eyes On You
6. Dollars & Change
7. After Party

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Oh, Weatherly announce debut album and drop “Here Tonight” video

Oh, Weatherly recently announced their debut full-length album, an emotionally revealing record for lead singer, Blake Roses. Co-produced by Jake Bundrick (Mayday Parade), the album is a tribute to the lessons Roses has learned over the years. From the passing of his father to raising his younger sister to a split engagement, Lips Like Oxygen assisted in Roses’ personal healing.  Set for release on July 27th via Hopeless Records, you can find the album art and track listing below!

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 1.28.50 PM

Lips Like Oxygen Track listing: 

1. Here Tonight
2. The Worst Time
3. Chasing California
4. I Think I Want You
5. Burned Out
6. Keep On Listening
7. Dark of the Night
8. Where Have You Been
9. Love and Poetry
10. Soaring

In addition to the announcement of the record, the band has released their brand new music video for “Here Tonight” which sounds slightly like a blend of early Boys Like Girls meets Mayday Parade (and we’re honestly living for it). Watch the video below!

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Fickle Friends release “Say No More (Acoustic)” and announce special versions EP

Brighton indie pop act Fickle Friends have had a wild 2018 so far. The band released their debut album, You Are Someone Else, via Interscope Records which hit #9 on the Billboard UK Charts and is chock-full of infectious bops, before playing three sold out shows in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Earlier this week, the band released an acoustic version of “Say No More,” a fan favorite  – and a personal favorite of mine as well. The track comes with the announcement of an upcoming EP titled You Are Someone Else (Versions) which will feature special versions of select tracks from the debut release. It goes without saying that we’re beyond excited to see what the neon-filled act will bring to life with this EP and we’ll keep you posted on details as they’re announced!

In the meantime, give “Say No More (Acoustic)” a spin below and thank us later.

Yonder Mountain String Band Announces New Album, Love. Ain’t Love

It’s been two years since Yonder Mountain String Band released their last album, but the Colorado-based progressive bluegrass outfit is back with their most creative and energetic album to date. The new album, Love. Ain’t Love, will be released June 23rd and was produced by the band and longtime collaborator John McVey.

Love. Ain’t Love is a testament to the band’s organic, dynamic, and intensely personal brand of contemporary bluegrass-fueled Americana. Find the artwork and track listing for the album below!

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Ten Foot Pole To Release New Album, Setlist, Out May 26th

Melodic punk band Ten Foot Pole will be releasing their new album, Setlist, on May 26th via Cyber Tracks. The album, which includes new recordings of 11 previously released songs and two new tracks, was produced and mixed by Kyle Black (New Found Glory, Strung Out). Pre-orders for Setlist are available now over on http://www.cyber-tracks.com/, with options for digital download, physical CD, and three color options for vinyl lovers.

Check out the track listing for Setlist below!

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Arcadea To Release Debut Album on June 16th

Los Angeles cosmic synth/psych act Arcadea have announced the details of their debut, self-titled album. Set for release on June 16th via Relapse Records, the trio tells a unique story of a future 5 billion years from now where galaxies have collided, leaving catastrophic disorder in its wake as war is waged among gods and planets, and Arcadea reign supreme as the last surviving space wizards since the final extinction. Fans can pre-order the album by clicking here.

The artwork and track listing for Arcadea can be found below.

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Nicole Atkins Announces New Album, Goodnight Rhonda Lee

Just last week, Nicole Atkins announced album details for her newest release, Goodnight Rhonda Lee. Recorded in five days, live to tape, and produced by Niles City Sound (Leon Bridges) with additional mixing by Ben Tanner (Alabama Shakes), the album features tracks that were written during a time of deep self-examination.

As Atkins struggled with faltering sobriety and her father’s cancer, she began writing about loneliness, separation, and living in fear of new surroundings. Goodnight Rhonda Lee is the album that gave Atkins the ability to find her voice and share personal turmoil with listeners.

Goodnight Rhonda Lee is set for release on July 21st and available for pre-order here. Fans can stream the album’s title track here and check out the album art and track listing below!

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Envy On The Coast Announce New EP In Seven Years

Seven years ago fans of Long Island’s Envy On The Coast were nothing but heartbroken to learn that the band were calling it quits. Scattering to form new musical ventures, fans held hope that the band would return and recently were given the good news. The band is back, with original members Ryan Hunter and Brian Byrne, and pleased to announce they will be releasing their new EP Ritual on June 30th via Equal Vision Records.

Check out the band’s newest single “Manic State Park” here.
Below you can find the artwork and track listing for Ritual.

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