Yonder Mountain String Band Announces New Album, Love. Ain’t Love

It’s been two years since Yonder Mountain String Band released their last album, but the Colorado-based progressive bluegrass outfit is back with their most creative and energetic album to date. The new album, Love. Ain’t Love, will be released June 23rd and was produced by the band and longtime collaborator John McVey.

Love. Ain’t Love is a testament to the band’s organic, dynamic, and intensely personal brand of contemporary bluegrass-fueled Americana. Find the artwork and track listing for the album below!

Track Listing:
1. Alison
2. Fall Outta Line
3. Bad Taste
4. Take A Chance On Me
5. Chasing My Tail
6. Used To It
7. Eat In Go Deaf (Eat Out Go Broke)
8. Dancing In The Moonlight
9. On Your Dime
10. Kobe The Dog
11. Last Of The Railroad Men
12. Up For Brinkley’s
13. Groovin’ Away

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