Arcadea To Release Debut Album on June 16th

Los Angeles cosmic synth/psych act Arcadea have announced the details of their debut, self-titled album. Set for release on June 16th via Relapse Records, the trio tells a unique story of a future 5 billion years from now where galaxies have collided, leaving catastrophic disorder in its wake as war is waged among gods and planets, and Arcadea reign supreme as the last surviving space wizards since the final extinction. Fans can pre-order the album by clicking here.

The artwork and track listing for Arcadea can be found below.


Arcadea Track Listing:
1. Army of Electrons
2. Gas Giant
3. Rings of Saturn
4. Neptune Moons
5. Infinite End
6. Electromagnetic
7. Motion of Planets
8. The Pull of Invisible Strings
9. Through The Eye of Pisces
10. Worlds Can Go On
11. Magnificent Facade

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