Guttermouth To Release First Album in Ten Years

After nearly a decade, SoCal punk rockers Guttermouth will be releasing their new album Got It Made. The album, which will be released on July 22nd via Rude Records/Bird Attack Records, will be sure to add a new chapter to their legacy as one of punk rock’s seminal acts. In a collective statement, the band shares. “After releasing 9 studio albums over the years, it’s sometimes hard to find new ideas and motivation, and life often gets in the way of creativity…While touring Australia in 2015, there was an opportunity to stay at a studio for a week in between legs of the tour. While staying at the studio, we were able to complete some of the ideas and record them as demos. Once back in the States we tweaked some of the songs once again. By then,we felt they were ready to be recorded properly. With no pressure of deadlines, we felt we were finally able to write songs we wanted to put out.”

Check out the artwork and track listing for Got It Made below!

1. The Point
2. Freckles The Pony
3. I’ve Got It Made
4. A Punk Rock Tale Of Woe
5. Shitty Situation
6. Old Man

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