Get To Know:: The New Electric


Members: Kyle McKearney (lead vocals), Shade ‘Indy’ McKearney (bass, vocals), Chris Doi (guitar, keys, vocals),James Janetty (keys, vocals), and Adam Casey (drums, vocals)
Genre: Alternative Rock-Pop
Location: Toronto, Canada
Recent Release: “Inside Out”

Toronto alt pop-rockers The New Electric have made a name for themselves in Canada and it’s about time that we in the states start to give them some attention as well! The band has won numerous songwriting and band competitions (including the International Songwriting Competition 2016 and Canada’s Bell Media) and have worked with producer Brian Howes who is known for his work with artists including Keith Urban, Boys Like Girls, and Simple Plan. Basically, they’re amazing. Get to know more about The New Electric below!

How did The New Electric form and come to be what it is today?
My brother, Indy and I started playing together at a very young age. We’ve been through lots of different bands together. The New Electric started when we started working with Brian Howes.

Who are some of your musical influences – both as a band and individually?
We all love top 40 music. Our musical backgrounds are a blend of metal, punk, pop rock and emo. Iron maiden, the Beatles, misfits, Metallica, nirvana, the offspring, green day.

What do you enjoy most about playing shows?
The people. We love connecting and having moments with other people! Best part

What do you do when you’re not playing music?
We all do different things. Adam, our drummer, is a school teacher. Spider, our guitarist, works for his dad at there liquor store/production company. Indy does drywall, Jimmy is a session musician and I do lots of cover gigs and write songs.

For more on The New Electric: Website | Facebook | Twitter

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