Seven Bands To See At Boston Calling, May 2016: #3 Elle King

With less than a week left, we’re back with our list of who you need to be keeping an eye out for at the Boston Calling Music Festival!

On our list so far: #7. Lizzo, #6. The Vaccines, #5. The Front Bottoms, #4. HAIM

Today we talk about our #3 pick, Elle King.

We’ve gotten some pretty great songs and singles this past year, but not many have been as inescapable as ELLE KING’s “Ex’s and Oh’s.” Finding the perfect balance of pop and rock, King had an enormous year, earning a Grammy nomination or two along the way. Also, while we’re talking about the success of that song, it needs to be said – yeah, “Ex’s and Oh’s” is a jam and all, but dude, have you heard “America’s Sweetheart!?” Maybe the catchiest song I heard all last year. King’s set it going to be worth it just for that song alone; everything else is just gravy.

Catch Them: Sunday. 5:45 pm
Check Out: “Ain’t Gonna Drown,” “Last Damn Night,” America’s Sweetheart”
For fans of: The Horrible Crowes, Larkin Poe, The White Stripes

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