Review:: The Kids Will Be Fine | Young Rising Sons


They’re young and they are
definitely rising, at least in popularity.
Up-and-coming band Young Risings Sons is keeping to their style of heavy
drum work and creative arrangements. The band’s debut EP, The High, received high praise with hits like “High,” which was
featured in a Pepsi commercial, and “King of the World.”  With their new found success, the band has
refined their latest EP, The Kids Will Be
for a more radio-friendly sound and melancholic lyrics. The five new
tracks definitely feature some highlights, but there is still polishing to do
for the perfect set of songs for their next record.

While Young Rising Sons has the
characteristics of any other alternative band trying to make it big, the unique
vocal arrangements make the quartet stand out from the pack. I have high
appraisal for lead singer Andy Tongren.
The consistency that Tongren carries in his tone melds perfectly with
the acapella-style chorus on tracks like “Somebody” and “F**ked Up.” The
layered vocals stay in the background with Tongren’s voice at the forefront.  This is certainly a different way to approach
a chorus in a rock song.

The EP resembles a sort of bell
curve of energy.  The Kids Will Be Fine starts off with a softer, slower track, but
then jumps into three high energy songs, and then finishes with a soft,
uplifting ending. The first song, “Coming
Home,” is the soft-rock opening which may tempt you from listening to the rest
of the EP.  There is an element missing
which doesn’t really quite hit the mark, but the lyrics delve into a
nostalgic path.  

The second track, “F**ked up,” is the party song that not only
will make you question why you are partying, but also keep you dancing. The track features pretty pessimistic lyrics set to infectious drum
beats and signature gang vocals. The next two tracks, “Flesh and Bones” and “Ghost of Me,” are
the highlights and where the band really nails it in the technical works and
rawness of the words that are sung. The bell curve dips to a perfect spot where
the melody has just enough energy to keep these songs on repeat. “Somebody” wraps the five wraps the EP with a
wistful and slow ending.  

Young Rising Sons takes us through a bit of a roller coaster of
tracks, but it is definitely worth the ride.
The band is trying different things, where some elements work and others
don’t. It’s only a taste of what to expect in their full-length album
and trust me – you’ll want to listen.  

Release Date: October 16th
Run Time: ~18 minutes
Rating: 3.5/5

Track listing:
1) Coming Home
2) F**ked Up
3) Flesh and Bone
4) Ghost of Me
5) Somebody

Written by Zarrin Alam

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