Get To Know: Lucky Jukebox Brigade


Members: Deanna DeLuke (Vocals, Baritone
Ukulele), Geppi Iaia (Bass), Chris Weatherly (Trumpet, Synth), Jimmy Affatigato (Guitar, Sax),
Michael DeMarco (Drums)
Genre: Indie Pop Punk
Location: Albany, NY
Recent Release: “Little

looks like it will be starting off on a great foot for indie pop punkers, Lucky Jukebox
Brigade. The band recently released a new single off their upcoming EP, Savage Fantastic, which will be released
on February 26th and we are pretty damn excited for it. The single,
“Little Fangs,” is a small introduction to the amazingness that is this band.
After years of releasing music and traveling as an 11-piece, Lucky Jukebox
Brigade has transformed into a 5-piece with beautiful harmonies, fun synth
beats, and carefree vibes which call for all around good feels! This is one band you NEED to have on your artists to watch list for 2016. Get to
know more about Lucky Jukebox Brigade below!

How did Lucky Jukebox Brigade form
and come to be what it is today
Deanna: In 2010, I was backpacking across
the country with my ukulele looking for the right people and the right
place to start a band. I ended up back here in Albany after Geppi found
a Craigslist ad I had posted.  In the beginning, I was all “the
more the merrier” and invited almost everyone I met who played
an instrument to join. There were 11 of us at one point
including someone who played a saw. We’ve gradually shapeshifted into
a 5 piece which has given our sound a lot more clarity and cohesion,
and it also means we can fit on a stage.

Who are some of your musical
influences – both as a band and individually?
Geppi: As a band, we definitely share some
influences and favorites – Coheed and Cambria, Beirut, The Dear
Hunter, Vampire Weekend, Rubblebucket, Arcade Fire. My favorite
bands, personally, are Cult of Luna, The Dear Hunter, and Every Time
I Die.

Every Time I Die is a huge
influence for me as well. Keith Buckley is my favorite lyricist. I also
love a lot of pop punk/punkesque bands like Taking Back Sunday, Saves The
Day, Brand New, Weezer…those are the bands that I grew up on. 

What do you enjoy most about playing
Geppi: I enjoy debuting new material at
shows. For me, it’s the best way to really pick apart the things I like or
dislike about a song. It’s easy to get excited about new material when I’m
in my car listening to our demos or writing bass parts, but when
I’m feeling a reaction from people outside of the writing process,
then I start to have a new perspective on our music and that makes
me happy.

I feel like a hypocrite saying this
because I’m the worst dancer I know…but I love when people dance.
Standing still is also cool though. No pressure or anything.  

What do you do when you’re not
playing music?
Deanna: When I’m not playing music, I’m
hanging out with my cats, writing more music, working to save up money so
we can record more music, and/or obsessively watching the
Food Network.  If it’s summer, I’m also swimming a lot. 

When I’m not playing music I’m
usually listening to music or looking up factoids about the music
industry. Whether it’s information about a band I like, a management
company’s client roster, an agent’s social media, or a record label’s
submission criteria, I’m usually just happy finding out more about the
industry side of music. I’m also a big video game nerd.  

For more on
Lucky Jukebox Brigade: WebsiteFacebook | Twitter

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