Review:: Fever Dream Anthology | Jaeger Wells


Some people have those voices I could listen to for hours
and never get tired of hearing. There’s something about the scratchiness or
smoothness in the way he or she sings that floods my eardrums with goodness.

Jaeger Wells has a smooth voice that oozes out a feel-good
sound. Wells, an indie singer-songwriter, recently released his new EP Forever Dream Anthology produced by The
Early November’s Ace Enders. This 5-track EP made me feel like I was transported to and from different points in time.

My toes started dancing along to the first track, “Sao Paulo
Liars Club,” immediately thinking it sounded like an indie Christmas song. The
song was a feel-good one, but the lyrics weren’t. He sang about loneliness and the
anxieties over the demons that are haunting. It was oddly comforting to hear
about something so dark but with an upbeat, good tune to drown out the bad
parts of waking up in the middle of the night by whatever haunts you.

“What It Feels Like” should
be in an indie movie soundtrack, and I’ll be that girl in the movie theater
singing along to this upbeat and quirky song. The beginning notes of the following track, “For The Jilted, For The Broken,”
reminded me of a funkier version of an Arctic Monkeys song. I replayed the
beginning of the song almost half a dozen times and my eyes turned into the
heart-eye emojis. Towards the end, Wells’ voice was a mix of haunting, funky and
strong. This is one of those tunes you listen to on a drive home, late at night,
probably on Halloween.

The guitar in “Rotten Apple (of My Eye)” had me envisioning
greasers in the 1960s. His voice in the bridge and transitioning into the
chorus was strong alongside the piano. My favorite part about this song was the
lyrics; he sang about a typical “love-hate” relationship. He found the love in
his heart, but realized how much this person was the (rotten) apple of his eye.
I loved it.

The last track on the EP, “East Coast Ghosts” resembled an
angsty early 2000s song. Jaeger’s voice, once again, reminded me of Arctic Monkeys mixed with some Modern Baseball. It was smooth, mixed well with the strumming guitar, while the drums
were booming powerfully and his voice jumbled up
with others.

Jaeger Wells sang lyrics that were so much more powerful
than basic love and heartbreak. He sings about heavier experiences with his
anxieties with love and life. Forever
Dream Anthology
was an EP full of talent and haunting lyrics with a
powerful voice to top it off.

Release Date: November 20, 2015
Run Time: ~15 minutes
Rating: 3/5
Ultimate Jams: “Sao Paulo Liars Club,” “For The Jilted, For
The Broken,” “Rotten Apple (of My Eye) 

Track Listing:
1. Sao Paulo Liars Club
2. What It Feels Like
3. For The Jilted, For The Broken
4. Rotten Apple (of My Eye)
5. East Coast Ghosts

Written by Kelly Peacock

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