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For Fans of: No Doubt, The So So Glos, early White Stripes

“I held so much anger in me for so many years until I finallygraduated from high school, started partying a lot more and raging on themusic,”  said Purple’s Hanna Brewer. Hailing from an oil town on the
Louisiana state line, Brewer (vocals/drummer), Tyler ‘Smitty’ Smith (bass), and
Taylor Busby (guitar/vocals) join the fight swinging with their debut release (409).
Swaggering in with “Wallflower”, and shutting the club down with “DMT”,
 Purple makes it clear from the jump that they’re loud, they’re here, and
they came to party.

For newcomers, Purple manages to create an product that doesn’t
sound like a freshman release, but a second or third album. Clocking in at a
little over 30 minutes, (409) fits together like that of a live set.
Standout track “Double Nickels” serves as an introduction of guitarist Taylor
Busby’s shared vocalist duties, exhibiting raspy vocals over  sick guitar
licks, where Brewer’s  lilting rasp changes from a soft whisper to rough.
Her riot grrl-esque sneer flips the script in “Wallflower,” sneering, “You’re
supposed to be chasing me!”

Ambitious as it is catchy, the Southern rockers create a name and
a space for themselves in music with their release in (409).

Release Date: January 27, 2015
Rating: 4/5
Runtime: ~33 minutes
Check Out: “Target,” “Thirteen”

Track listing:
1. Wallflower
2. Double Nickels
3. Leche Loco
4. Beach Buddy
5. Thirteen
6. Target
7. Head on the Floor
8. Liquor
9. Newborn
10. DMT

Written by Carina Browder

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