The Penny Serfs Announce New Album


Some people are too afraid to face their fears and frustrations in life. Some people attempt to face them head on – and thats exactly what Iowa-based indie rock band, The Penny Serfs, have decided to do. The band recently announced their new album, Like Eating Glass, which they used as a vehicle to search for their identity in this crazy hell of a world that we live in.

When discussing the release, the band stated, “all of the songs show the painful reality that every battery must have a positive and a negative. With life must come death, with light must come darkness, and as the sun rises it must always set for the world to keep spinning.” Quote of the day? I think yes.  

Check out the bands album art and track list for the new album, which will be released January 20th, below!


Track Listing:
1. Manic Depressive
2. Dead Love
3. It’s Always Raining
4. The Legend of Jim Falcon
5. Lonely
6. Hot and Cold

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