Review: HEART | Alexz Johnson

For Those Who Like: Duffy, Lily Allen, Kelly Clarkson

You know the feeling that you get when you hear the ice cream truck coming down your street no matter how old you are? That excitement and rush, running to try and beat all the other kids to get in line first generates a nostalgic vibe with a twist of adrenaline. Then you get your delicious ice pop and begin eating it, racing to finish before it starts to melt. The sweet and refreshing taste the treat leaves is a pick me up and the highlight of a summer day. Heart EP by Alexz Johnson is comparable to this. It creates that feeling of anticipation that starts in your stomach and pulsates throughout your bones, making you eager to hear what is to come next.

The EP starts off with “American Dreamer” which is incredibly catchy with tinges of folk penetrating through the musicality of the track. Alexz has a soulful, sultry voice that stands out and makes a little home in your head, as you find yourself singing her songs throughout the day. When she sings she has an ability to make you believe in what she is saying. This short EP is perfect for the warm months and oozes the feeling of spring. Heart’s backbone is a mix of folk, pop with hints of dance beats running through it. If anything, the album is too short, leaving you wanting more once reaching the end.

Its funny to think that Johnson got her start on Disney’s “So Weird” and now is writing hits with pop starts like Bruno Mars. She has gained recognition with Demi Lovato, citing Johnson as inspiration for her singing career. Hopefully we see more from Johnson soon and get a full-length release in the near future.

Release Date: February 18
Rating: 4.5/5
Run Time: 14:51

Track list:
1) American Dreamer
2) This is Heartache
3) Nothin’ on Me
4) Thank You For Breaking My Heart

Written By: Chelsea Conte

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