So I just watched this video, and started crying a bit at Cody’s speech, and I was just smiling so much throughout the video (plus it’s one of my favorite songs in general) haha

I just really love this band and I am so fucking excited to see them in 10 day. ❤

Cody, Maxx, Austin, Zach, and Dan. Along with their tour manager Andrew and their merch guy Marshall… Really just can’t wait 🙂 I know it’ll be so freaking amazing

please take a moment to watch the first minute and a half of this. this was at my date of warped this past summer and i made two of my friends come with me to watch their set. after this, one of them turned to me and said that she officially loved this band because of this speech. 

i’ve been following this band since early high school and they are simply phenomenal. give them a listen if you haven’t before. they’re 10 times better live.

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