For Review:: Secrets | Blameshift

With their newest full length release, Long Island’s Blameshift carry with them a year and a half’s worth of building exposure.

Taking much of the weight of the album on her shoulders, vocalist Jenny Mann maintains a constant performance throughout. And though her range and ability are good, the record feels as if it falls a bit flat, with the brunt of the album being just that – constant. Over the span of the album’s eleven tracks, excluding the minute-long introduction and with the exception of the cool, somber finale “Wherever It Goes,” the album stays a touch too consistent.

When the trio leans closer to the pop side of their sound, they find their footing moreso than with their darker, electronic tracks. Songs like “Revolution” and “No Apologies” are fun and catchy, but the choruses of the two are nearly interchangeable, dulling the lasting value of one as you listen to the other.

The aforementioned “Wherever It Goes” is easily the highlight on Secrets. Mann’s voice is timid and yearning, calmly travelling above a cycle of piano keys and a simple snare/cymbal combination. The song builds, peaking before dropping off into a violin outro.

While they’re been known over the past eighteen months or so for their charisma and their drive, their character doesn’t quite transfer fully over into their sound. Secrets is a good effort from a group that has a lot of backing behind it, and over time, there’s a decent chance that something big could come from them. But, for now, while there may be a few glimmers of sunlight here, in the end, the record as a whole seems to fizzle out.

Release Date: November 5th, 2013
Rating: 2.25/5
Runtime: 35:57

1. “Set It All Free”
2. “The Enemy You Need”
3. “Not Enough”
4. “Secrets”
5. “Destroy Your Masquerade”
6. “Revolution”
7. “Let Go”
8. “C’est La Vie”
9. “No Apologies”
10. “Operating Table”
11. “Wherever It Goes”

Blameshift is:
Jenny Mann – Vocals
Tim Barbour – Guitar, vocals
Nathan Saake – Drums

Written By: Eric Riley

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