Interview:: Golden Youth

First off, please introduce yourselves and tell us what you do in the band!

Hello. I’m Stephanie and i sing and play piano and a ton of other instruments.
Hey there! I’m Kyle and i play guitar and a ton of other instruments. haha.

You recently released your first album, “Quiet Frame; Wild Light”. For those that have no idea who Golden Youth is, how would you describe your sound and what can they expect to hear on this album?

That is still something we are trying to figure out ourselves. I think the best description is soundtrack music with memorable vocals.
We love playing orchestral instruments, and that is exactly what you are going to hear on the record. Lots of piano, strings, timpanis, vibraphones, harmoniums, mellotrons and even some instruments we invented ourselves. (“The Hemebell”)

It seems like you’ve received nothing but positive responses from your first album. How does is it feel to have almost this huge amount of exposure over what seems like such a short period of time?

Honestly, we haven’t had time to process it. Its been great hearing back from people and its such a huge relief to get the album out there and that out hard work is being appreciated. It was a very long process and its great to finally have this project come to fruition. 

We, over at Lucy Out Loud, are huge fans and immediately fell in love with both the vocals and orchestral instrumentation that is used throughout the album. It’s such an original sound. Was that sound something that you had aimed for or was it just something that happened when you were writing?

I think it was a mix of both. The songs have been recorded a couple different ways and i think that we all agreed that the instruments we chose complimented Stephanies voice the best. In a way it was a lot of experimenting to find the Golden Youth formula. 

If Golden Youth were to book a dream tour, who would be on it and what would it be called?

oh man, good question. U2, Sigur Ros, Simon and garfunkel and golden youth.
It would be called the, “What the hell is going on? Tour”

Individually, and/or collectively, what is your favorite song off the album and why?

Steph – Brother in the morning light, because it was my favorite song to record and play live to. The vocal melody is all over the place and i love to sing it. its truly fun.
Kyle – uhhhh, i would have to say We Are Alive. Its the most driving song on the album and i love when the whole band plays drums during our live show. Its a cool feeling to have all of us collectively playing drums. 

We hear that you are already working on your next album. What direction are you trying to go for in your next release?

Better than the last. haha. I think the best part about the writing process right now is that we are not pressured to release anything. Its kind of all over the map, and we absolutely love it. I think every artist wants to keep topping what they have previously done. So lets just say we want to top ourselves. 

I feel like “Quiet Frame; Wild Light” is one of those feel-good albums that will automatically make someone happy. What is your top feel-good album to listen to?

Steph – i have a lot of those. I think Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American is my go to for a happy album. But Augustana’s self titled album is up there as well.
Kyle – This isn’t much of an album, but anything John Williams has composed. Probably his greatest hits is my record when i need a bit of cheering up or inspiration.

What can we expect next from Golden Youth?

Shows!!!!! we will be seeing you soon. haha. 

Thanks so much for your time! Anything else you would like to add?

Thank you for taking the time to talk about our band!!! we appreciate Lucy Out Loud so much. Anything you guys/gals need, give us a call. haha – Kyle and Steph

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