Review:: New Again | The Press War

There are a handful of things that I really enjoy. Music, for starters. Obviously. And writing. And then there’s always that little place in my heart for good pop-punk. And I love Boston.
And now there’s this – The Press War; a pop-punk band from Boston with a brand new EP. Rad.
We added The Press War to our most recent compilation back in June, and rightfully so – their sound is a perfect fit for a playlist meant for summertime. And that sound, which combines the likenesses of The Starting Line, Motion City Soundtrack, and Anberlin into one, is present throughout the EP.

The first taste on the release, the sprint-paced “Pandering” is quick, bitter, and lashes out. The theme and tone follow through into “New Again.” The angst-y side ends quickly, as the positively-longing “Only You” begins abruptly and hugely – filled with soaring vocals surrounding a chugging bassline, clap-along drums, and trio of swirled guitars.
“Fault Lines” (which is track #5 on our compilation, just saying, for those who haven’t gotten it *cough* for free yet) is a fast-paced piece of pop/punk by the textbooks. Three and a half minutes, full of gang-vocal whoa-oh-ohs and the leftover story of someone leaving.
New Again concludes with the slowed “The End of the World Party,” a fitting finale for the EP. It starts calmly, and steadily builds throughout. It’s a safe bet to say that this is the band’s best performance on the release – it sounds very good, has a serious tone to it that pleasantly contrasts the feel and topics of the other tracks, and is an all-around good listen, finishing the EP with a plus.
Rating: 3/5
Runtime: 14:57
1. Pandering
2. New Again
3. Only You
4. Fault Lines
5. The End of the World Party
James Moody – Bass
Pat McDonald – Drums
Cedric Wager – Guitar
Chris Kinney – Guitar
Anthony Rainville – Vocals/Guitar

Written By: Eric Riley

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