Review:: Lift Your Existence | Night Verses

A lot can happen in seventy-four minutes.

You can watch two and a half episodes of a sitcom. You can run a few miles, if you want. You can record seven-hundred and forty videos on Vine, if that’s your thing.

But, with their seventy-four minutes of [debut, I must add] album space on Lift Your Existence, Night Verses brilliantly execute everything that is the post-hardcore genre. Picking up where the remnants of his disbanded group left off, ex-The Sleeping vocalist Douglas Robinson keeps his reputation intact, lending strong support to the reaction that was received after 2012’s Out of the Sky debut EP.

Within the first seconds of opener “Introducing: The Rot Under the Sun,” we’re given a hefty sample of what’s to come – unrelentingly skilled, bold, driven music.

What makes Lift Your Existence such a treat is the range and versatility of the uses of the instruments throughout. At nearly any given moment, there is at least one aspect of the group that is being framed by the rest of components, or rather highlighted, given a bit of spotlight.

What impresses me the most about Night Verses here is their ability to avoid just sticking to the basics, but instead doing something that resounds within a genre that is infamous for albums and groups fading into uniformity. Small details, like the introduction to “Pull Back Your Teeth,” which sounds just a bit off, but in a good way, or the inclusion of gentle xylophone on “Celestial Fires,” or the beautiful, self-contrasting of “Parasomnia,” (an early favorite), are things that stuck with me at the end.

If there is one word to describe Lift Your Existence, it would be ambitious. Albums typically average around forty minutes or so, while this exceeds seventy. Fifteen tracks on a debut album is ambitious in itself, and with only two songs clocking in under four minutes, including the finale “Phoenix,” which surpasses the 10-minute mark, there’s a statement being made here. The sounds, as grand as they are, still manage to successfully rise, fall, and rise again throughout the entirety of the album, hardly ever missing a beat. There’s an extravagant intricacy on the record; it longs for you to listen to it on your own, yet reaches for arena walls.

Release Date: June 25th, 2013
Rating: 4.25/5
Runtime: 73:45

1. Introducing: The Rot Under the Sun
2. Rage
3. Time Erases Time (Strung Out)
4. Celestial Fires
5. Antidepressants
6. Parasomnia
7. Pull Back Your Teeth
8. Whatever Makes You Hate Me
9. Blind Lighthouse
10. Yours
11. Cathexis
12. Elucidation
13. Alitmeter
14. I Don’t Want My Loved Ones to Die
15. Phoenix: I. Rising II. Falling

Night Verses is:
Douglas Robinson – Vocals
Nick DePirro – Guitar
Reilly Herrera – Bass
Aric Improta – Drums

Written By: Eric Riley

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