Review:: Quiet Frame; Wild Light | Golden Youth


When the higher-ups here at Lucy Out Loud sent me a preview of Golden Youth, I was instantly hooked. And when I say “higher-ups,” that just means Lucy, because she’s the only other person here, but whatever. That’s not important. What is important here is this record, a beautiful debut release in the same vein as A Fine Frenzy and Eisley that is one to be reckoned with.

The use of not-so-typical instruments and arrangements, from flutes to timpani drums to xylophones, shines through and stands out without being overdone or feeling out-of-place.

Quiet Frame; Wild Light fades in with the gentle feeling and soft vocals of “Life Through a Keyhole,” a short introductory taste of what’s to come, quickly followed by the whistles, chants, and drumrolls of “We Are Alive.”

“Brother in the Morning Light” was the first example of Golden Youth that I was presented with; a bright, flashing acoustic studio session. And though I’ve only been doing this review-writing thing for a year or so, I’ve been sent a lot of music, and first impressions are extremely important – this was a very, very good first impression, prompting me to send a text asking if it’s possible to marry a woman’s voice.

Both “Seven Seas” and “I Was a Lark” are memorable for their own respective reasons – the first for sharp hooks and a heartfelt chorus, the second for melodic calmness driven by shining vocals.

I’ve spent this past week unpacking my college life; out of bins and back into my parents’ home.

I’ve spent the majority of the last three days on buses and trains to and from Boston, staring out of windows with tired eyes at trees and traffic and highway signs as they flew by.

Throughout all of this, Quiet Frame; Wild Light has been on a constant repetition, whether through headphones or stereo speakers, perfectly coinciding with the sunbeams trying to sneak out through overcast rainclouds.

There’s a sense of serenity within this record that soothes and embraces the listener, meshing tranquil vocals with pumping instrumentals, posing a sort of Red Bull and vodka-like experience – one-part stimulant mixed with one-part sedative to deliver a product that is truly intoxicating.

Release Date: May 28th, 2013
Rating: 4.25/5
Runtime: 25 minutes

1. Life Through a Keyhole
2. We Are Alive
3. Brother in the Morning Light
4. You
5. Seven Seas
6. I Was A Lark
7. On Wings

Golden Youth is:
Stephanie Lauren & Kyle Monroe

Written By: Eric Riley

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