Love Will Find You

I’ve received alot of feedback from people about our new record
“American Kids” and the response has been nothing short of amazing. I
can’t thank everyone enough for the support so far. There has been
alot of questions in particular about my favorite song on the record
and what the song was written about. That song is “Love Will Find
You”. Like I said, this is my favorite song, and favorite we have ever
written. The idea and content of this song,  is something I’ve been
writing in my head for years, and just recently found lyric and melody
to match. This song was written for me, for ones I love and pretty
much anyone who has been through, or will go through the hardships of
finding or losing love. The chorus lyrics came to me one night when I
was just sitting in my bedroom. I was thinking about how I always hear
“Why don’t have have a boyfriend/girlfriend?” “Why can’t I be happy
like them?” etc and I remembered a time in my life, in high school,
when I was the exact same way, asking myself the same questions. I
learned that you really don’t need to worry about when or how, that
might happen, because that’s only gonna keeping you waiting, and
hoping, and that will stress you out to no end. When we were
finalizing the songs for the record, I sat down with Tyler one night
and told him we were gonna write this song, right there, that night.
He played me a guitar part, I messed around with some piano chords I
could barely play, and we just found a melody. From there he just
played the guitar and I sang a melody over and over and jotted down
lyrics on my iPhone until the song was done. We did this in about
three hours and it’s crazy I think it only took that long, when I’ve
been trying to write this song for years. I hope this song can give
those who listen, some comfort and hope. That if they haven’t found
someone, or recently lost something they thought was the real deal, to
just relax and live for yourself and stay happy. Someday, someone is
going to make you the happiest person in the world, and you will do
the same for them. Maybe this song wasn’t written for you, maybe it
wasn’t written for my friends or those who find it “cheesy” but it is
a song I want out there, and if you need it, it is there for you. When
I hear “Love Will Find You” has brought someone to tears, I smile,
this song is for you.

If you haven’t yet, pick up “American Kids” on iTunes. I’m so proud of this collection of songs, and I sincerely hope you enjoy them all.

Thanks again to everyone who has grabbed it so far. It means the galaxy.

PIck up “American Kids” on iTunes here:

Justin Godsey.

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